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Here you will find links to video tutorials for The GIMP. If not stated otherwise, then the video is in english. Enjoy them :-)
Pt=Portuguese; Fr=French; Sp=Spanish.


«Sp» Animación GIF. También aquí. From HacheMuda.

«» A drawing example uSing The Gimp, by Nunzio Scarlecio.


«Sp» Conversión a Blanco y Negro. También aquí. From HacheMuda.

«» Convert to B&W with a touch of color: From Mindbender.

«Sp» Manejo básico de GIMP: parte 1, parte 2. Tambien disponible aquí y aquí. From HacheMuda.

«» Boosting Shadows: In this video you'll learn how to use the levels tool for masking out a silhouette of an object. That gives a nicer, anti-aliased contour than using treshold. Although the source file is a 12bit RAW, for the sake of this demo I chose not to tweak the shadows before importing the file. From Jimmr.


«Fr» Chirurgie esthétique avec Gimp.

«» Color mixer dock: CMYK selector, color picker. Also available here. From Jimmr.

Use of LAB for color saturation enhanced with The GIMP.

«Sp» Colorización selectiva. También aquí. From HacheMuda.

«Sp» Composición "gritos de Ruth" (Flash). From HacheMuda.

«Sp» Convertir imágen en maqueta (Flash). From HacheMuda.


«» Demonstration of the rearrangable docks that enables you to customize your session. Also available here. From Jimmr.

«Sp» Dibujado a lápiz. También aquí. From HacheMuda.


«Sp» Efecto Andy Warhol. También aquí. From HacheMuda.

«Sp» Efecto piel morena. También aquí. From HacheMuda.

«Sp» Efecto profundidad de campo. También aquí. From HacheMuda.

«Sp» Eliminar gente de la playa (Flash). From HacheMuda


«» Fixing Photo Perspective: From Jimmr.


«Sp» El GIMP-nasio. También aquí. From HacheMuda.

«» GIMP Uncovered: Understanding Images & Image Editing. A Video of a 90-minute GIMP tutorial given by Akkana Peck. You can watch it online or download it (approx 170MB, Ogg file). From The Sidney 2007 Linux.Conf.Au.


«»Healing Brush: Thanks to the work of Kevin Sookocheff, GIMP 2.4 has a nice 'clone tool with a twist'. Very useful for retouching unwatend bits without too much work as the tool works similarly to the clone stamp but takes the target lighting/shading into consideration. From Jimmr.

«» How to make a userbar with The Gimp.


«» You can use and save image templates. The demo also shows you can assign custom icons from the templates dock. Also available here. From Jimmr.

«» Infrared efect: From Poorcollegekid. Made for Photoshop, but easy to apply in The Gimp.

«» Inverting Alpha Channell: With 2.0 it is now possible to transfer the alpha channel onto a layer mask. I wish I could work on the Alpha channel the same way as I can with RGB channels though. From Jimmr.


«» Jpeg export: Also available here. From Jimmr.




«Sp» Making an image with a flowing water efects. From Rulas?

«Sp» Máscara de capa simple. También aquí. From HacheMuda.

«Sp» Mejorar fotografías (Flash). From HacheMuda.


«» New Levels: You can see a new histogram dock in the demo that gives you realtime preview. The demo also shows the possibility to save presets of various tools. Also available here. From Jimmr.



«Sp» Papel antiguo. También aquí. From HacheMuda.

«» Paths Tools: A demonstration of the paths tool shows the use of path stroking while dealing with open paths. Afterwards the classic tigert tutorial is performed showing the advantages of previewing the outlines of existing paths. The quick shortcut to replace the active selection with the path is Shift+V. Also available here. The video has also been divided in part 1 and 2. From Jimmr.

«» Perspective Clone Tool: This tool allows cloning surfaces taking into account the perspective of the image, which is previously specified by the user. This tool is only available on Gimp CVS since 2.3.12 version, and is expected to be in the next 2.4 stable version. Video also available here and here. From Pedro Alonso.



«Sp» Uso de la herramienta ruta. También disponible aquí. From HacheMuda.

«» Making cool reflections of text or images.


«» Using the Select by Color tool to make a tranparent background with The GIMP. A rather long video (6 MB). By George L. Dillon.

«» The shark trick with The GIMP. By Pf94

«» Applying a signature to our photos.

«» A quick and dirty way of creating a sketch-like effect from a photo using The Gimp. +10 MB. From Gimp-tutorials.

«» Speech bubble tutorial.


«Sp» Texto con sombra 1 y 2. Tambien aquí y aquí. From HacheMuda.

«Sp» Texto cromado 1 y 2 (2 en Flash). 1 también aquí. From HacheMuda.

«Sp» Texto Fuego (Flash). From HacheMuda.

«» You can modify the looks of GIMP using themes. GIMP2 ships with a "small theme" that uses 16x16 icons and small font size to fit on laptop screens. Also available here. From Jimmr.

«» The new text tool includes a lot of handy additions to smoke the old one, including gDynText. Also available here. From Jimmr.

«» The user interface.

«» Touching up an illustration for 22×22 and 16×16 pixels (Approx 15MB DivX AVI file). From The Tango-Project.

«» Transform tools can now work on layers, selections and even paths. Also available here. From Jimmr.

«» Transforming selections and Paths: Also available here. From Jimmr.



«» Variable Blur at Fullscreen: This demo shows the use of GIMP's plugin registry, the installation of a plugin source, the use of fullscreen mode, masking objects with bezier paths, and simulating shallow depth of field to bring attention to the people in the foreground. From Jimmr.

«Sp» Crear viñeta de comic. También aquí. From HacheMuda.


«Sp» Haciendo un Wallpaper. From Rulas?

«» Warped faces: Have fun deforming faces. Also make cute animations of the deformation. From Jimmr.