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Sometimes with The GIMP you may achieve the same goal by using different techniques. So, if you see more than one link for making a cartoon from a picture, then it could be for that reason. Or because I made a mistake :-).

If you look a how-to, ie how-to draw hair, it could be under D or H or even under another letter. So, I suggest not only to skim through these page but also to use your browser search page option. Enjoy.


3D Floating Logo Another GIMP Floating Logo method, this one uses modes along with layers and select tools. From gimp.org.

Creating a 3D effect. See also pop out of a photo by Nicu.


Alien painting by Bionic7.

Anti-Aliased Threshold Use curves and modes to transform your photo into a pen and ink watercolor like image. From gimp.org.


How to easily make a Forest Background for your images. By Griatch.

Basic GIMP Perl Learn how to write simple perl scripts using the gimp-perl module (linux users only). From gimp.org.

Beveled splater patterns. By droz928.

Bezier Maths Might be a useful reference for those of you wanting to make some scripts using paths. From Point.

Blending Exposures Increase dynamic range by combining different exposures of the same scene. From gimp.org.

Blending images in GIMP. By fencepost.

How to convert Photoshop brushes in GIMP brushes. From GimpTalk. 


Cartoon with Sin City looks by sulfar.

CCD Noise removal Use selective Gaussian blur to remove CCD Noise in photos. From gimp.org.

Changing Background Color 1 Change the background color of your image and learn the magical properties of color2alpha. From gimp.org.

Changing Background Color 2 Change the background color of your image and learn the magical properties of Select By Color. From gimp.org.

Changing Sky Color by decomposing into HSV layers.

Coloring A BW Sketch Color sketches anime style. From gimp.org.

Spot Colouring,  how to leave one area of an image coloured while making the rest B & W. From Poing.

Contrast Mask Decrease problem contrast in photos. From gimp.org.

Color2BW Converting Color Images to B&W. From gimp.org.

Cosmetic retouching with The GIMP. From the GimpGuru.

Creating Icons Use GIMP to create nice icons. From gimp.org.

Custom Brushes Make custom brushes for your GIMP. From gimp.org.


Draw A Paint Brush Put it all together and work your GIMP like the masters do. From gimp.org.

Drawing natural hair. By iceytina.

Draw On Selections Borders Use the selection tools to draw simple or complex shapes. From gimp.org.

Drawing Shapes With Paths Make a dimensional box with paths (bezier curves) and gradients. From gimp.org.

Desaturate like GIMP does. The Gimp has different ways to reduce the colors of a digital image into shades of white, gray and black. These page shows that with examples. By Carol, from Gimp.org.



Film Grain Give your photos the appearence of film grain and learn about a new mode. From gimp.org.

Flame tutorial remade by D.


GAP: Advance animation simplified. By Sean Michael. From GimpTalk.

GAP: Animated scrolling text. By ccbarr. From GimpTalk.

Advanced Animations Learn how to make an animation with GAP. From gimp.org.

Animated border highlight with GAP. By Fencepost. From GimpTalk.

Faded Transitions For GAP. By Sean-Michael. From GimpTalk.

Gaussian Blur Overlays Increase saturation and add a "dreamy" feel to your photos. From gimp.org.

GIMP Batch Mode A basic instruction about batch mode and GIMP. From gimp.org.

GIMP-Perl Debugged Ways to debug your gimp-perl scripts. From gimp.org.

GIMP-Perl for animation post-processing. by Chris Want & Guillermo S. Romero

GIMP Script-Fu Write Scheme for GIMP. From gimp.org

GIMP Script-Fu 2 Write More Scheme for GIMP. From gimp.org

GIMP Surgery "patch" blown out hightlights in your photos. From gimp.org

Golden Text Make beautiful golden text and learn about the curves dialog and other color options. From gimp.org.

Grunge: A short tutorial by hjhornbeck.


All-Coveted hair tutorial by darkenergie.

Head Swaping by NightWing.

Using Image Hoses Image hoses are Gimp brushes that store multiple images within the file, which can in turn be painted into a scene to good effect. From Point. 

How To Draw Cartoons from Scratch by Joshua Koudys.


Learn Full Gimp Interface In Half An Hour. From Gimp-Talk.





How to make a MacBall or a cheap ripoff of the Mac logo sphere. From Point.

Make your subject pop out of a photo by Nicu.

Making a Contrast Mask from GIMPguru.

Make GIMP Image Pipes Rank and Dimension. The GIMP´s Image Pipes can do alot. From gimp.org.

Make GIMP Image Pipes 2 Even more options for pipe creation. From gimp.org.




Paths (Bezier Selections) Use paths (bezier curves) like the GIMP Masters do. From gimp.org.

Photo Enhanced by modifying Curves by sam javanrouh

Photo To Sketch Change your photo into a nice painting or sketch. From gimp.org.

PSPI: Running Photoshop plug-ins in GIMP Now on Linux, too!


Quickmask Use Quickmask to make a vignette of your photos. From gimp.org.


Red Eye Removal Use the Channel Dialog in one method of removing red eye from photos. From gimp.org.

Reducing CCD Noise Learn how to reduce the CCD Noise in photos. From gimp.org.

Clone Brush Repair, how to use the clone brush for simple image touch-ups in Gimp. From Poing.

Rust: The making of rust by sicklittlemonkey.


Sepia Toning Create a nice sepia photo from color images. From gimp.org.

Selective Colorization Convert images to black and white and restore color selectively. From gimp.org.

Making Shapes, how to make a variety of filled and stroked polygonal shapes using the Gimp. From Poing.

Advanced Custom Shaped Tech Sig Tutorial, by PaNzEr gsp. Not for beginners.

Basic Shading, the basic knowledge on how to effectively add shading and lighting to an image in gradual steps. From Poing.

Simple Animations Learn how to work with GIMP´s layers as animation frames. From gimp.org.

Simple Floating Logo The famous "GIMP Floating Logos" rescued from the original GIMP web site and slightly modified to fit here. Even if you hate images of text on the web, this tutorial gives you some of the basic layer manipulation techniques. From gimp.org.

Sketch Effect Change your photo into a normal sketch. From gimp.org.

Sketch of Aliens and caricatures. From wingimp.org.

"Smart" Sharpening Sharpen images without making noise more noticable. From gimp.org.

Stencil like image from an ordinary photograph. By 1sm1sm.

Complete Stencil Tutorial: a step by step for making a stencil in my favorite open source photo program The GIMP. By Joshua Terrell.

Straight Line Tutorial 'Tis somewhat rude. Perhaps the exact right frame of mind which to approach GIMP with though, at least the first few times... From gimp.org.


3 ways to put an image in your text. A nicetutorial by fencepost.

Wood Grain Texture, how to make a simple but effective wood grain texture.

Tileable Textures Learn about gradients, animated brushes and how to make tileable images as well. From gimp.org.


Using GAP Learn the basics about using GAP, GIMP Animation Package. From gimp.org.


Vectorize your images, Less tones, great effects. By Jimmy. From TutorialSeeker.


Working With The Image Before you script, know what an image is and isn't and what a drawable is. Or at least be able to take a good guess about it... From gimp.org.