Tutorial collections                              

If you look for an specific tutorial, then try out my Tutorials in alphabetic order page.

Essential GIMP for Web Professionals

Getting Started with The GIMP: an informal tutorial

GIMParoo! adapting Photoshop tutorials for The GIMP. It is a blog written by Scoot.

GIMPLite Quickies Use GIMP for your graphics needs without learning advanced computer graphics methods. 



GIMPTalk So many tutorials!

GIMP.org tutorials

GIMP-Tutorials and useful snippets.

Gimp Tutorials Pointer Page

Photo editing and retouching.

Photoshop support, but we can learn from them. Can´t we?

POING GIMP tutorials

GUG GIMP tutorials

Tigert Labs tutorials

Tips, tricks & more, by Azch. Old stuff, but may be usefull for you. 

WinGIMP tutorials (useful even if you use other OS)