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Most of the following GIMP shortcuts are taken from the GIMP help files. I told you... nothing new in these pages :-) It is better to have a handy Reference card.


F1 »» Help
Shift+ F1 »» Context Help

File menu
Ctrl+ N »» New image
Ctrl+ O »» Open image
Ctrl+ Alt+ O »» Open image as new layer
Ctrl+ D »» Duplicate image
Ctrl+ 1 »» Open recent image 01
Ctrl+ 2 »» Open recent image 02
Ctrl+ 3 »» Open recent image 03
Ctrl+ 4 »» Open recent image 04
Ctrl+ 5 »» Open recent image 05
Ctrl+ 6 »» Open recent image 06
Ctrl+ 7 »» Open recent image 07
Ctrl+ 8 »» Open recent image 08
Ctrl+ 9 »» Open recent image 09
Ctrl+ 0 »» Open recent image 10
Ctrl+ S »» Save image
Shift+ Ctrl+ S »» Save under a new name
Ctrl+ Q »» Quit

Toolbox menu
R »» Rectangle Select
E »» Ellipse Select
F »» Free Select
Z »» Fuzzy Select
Shift+ O »» Select By Color
I »» Scissors
B »» Paths
O »» Color Picker
M »» Move
Shift+ C »» Crop and Resize
Shift+ R »» Rotate
Shift+ T »» Scale
Shift+ S »» Shear
Shift+ P »» Perspective
Shift+ F »» Flip
T »» Text
Shift+ B »» Bucket Fill
L »» Blend
N »» Pencil
P »» Paintbrush
Shift+ E »» Eraser
A »» Airbrush
K »» Ink
C »» Clone
V »» Convolve
S »» Smudge
Shift+ D »» Dodge/Burn

Ctrl+ L »» Layers
Shift+ Ctrl+ B »» Brushes
Shift+ Ctrl+ P »» Patterns
Ctrl+ G »» Gradients
Shift+ Ctrl+ T »» Tool-Options
Ctrl+ P »» Palettes
Shift+ Ctrl+ I »» Info window
Shift+ Ctrl+ N »» Navigation window
Note: These open a new dialog window if it wasn't open yet, otherwise the corresponding dialog gets focus.

Within a Dialog
Alt+ F4, Ctrl+ W »» Close the window
Tab »» Jump to next widget
Shift+ Tab »» Jump to previous widget
Enter »» Set the new value
Space, Enter »» Activate current button or list
Ctrl+ Alt+ PgUp, Ctrl+ PgDn »» In a multi-tab dialog, switch tabs
Note: This accepts the new value you typed in a text field and returns focus to canvas.

Within a File Dialog
Shift+ L »» Open Location
Alt+ Up arrow »» Up-Folder
Alt+ Down arrow »» Down-Folder
Alt+ Home »» Home-Folder
Esc »» Close Dialog

View menu
F10 »» Main Menu
Shift+ F10, right click »» Drop-down Menu
F11 »» Toggle fullscreen
Shift+ Q »» Toggle quickmask
Ctrl+ W »» Close current image
Note: Menus can also be activated by Alt with the letter underscored in the menu name.

+ »» Zoom in
- »» Zoom out
1 »» Zoom 1:1
Ctrl+ E »» Shrink wrap window to image size
Shift+ Ctrl+ E »» Fit image in window
Shift+ mouse wheel »» Zoom
Note: This fits the windows to the image size.

Scrolling (panning)
Ctrl+ arrows »» Scroll canvas
middle button drag »» Scroll canvas
mouse wheel »» Scroll canvas vertically
Ctrl+ mouse wheel »» Scroll canvas horizontally
Note: Scrolling by keys is accelerated, i.e. it speeds up when you press Shift+arrows, or jumps to the borders with Ctrl+arrows.

Rulers and Guides
mouse drag »» Drag off a ruler to create guide
Ctrl+ mouse drag »» Drag a sample point out of the rulers
Shift+ Ctrl+ R »» Toggle rulers
Shift+ Ctrl+ T »» Toggle guides

Note: Drag off the horizontal or vertical ruler to create a new guideline. Drag a guideline onto the ruler to delete it.

Edit menu/Image editing
Ctrl+ Z »» Undo
Ctrl+ Y »» Redo

Ctrl+ C »» Copy selection
Ctrl+ X »» Cut selection
Ctrl+ V »» Paste clipboard
Ctrl+ K »» Clears imagen/selection with current bg color
Shift+ Ctrl+ C »» Copy image/selection into named buffer
Shift+ Ctrl+ X »» Cut image/selection into named buffer
Shift+ Ctrl+ V »» Paste image/selection into named buffer
Note: This places a copy of the selection to the GIMP clipboard.

Ctrl+ , (comma) »» Fill with FG Color
Ctrl+ . (dot) »» Fill with BG Color

Layers menu
PgUp, Ctrl+ Tab »» Select the layer above
PgDn, Shift+ Ctrl+ Tab »» Select the layer below
Home »» Select the first layer
End »» Select the last layer
Ctrl+ M »» Merge visible layers
Ctrl+ H »» Anchar layer

Selections menu
Ctrl+ T »» Toggle selections
Ctrl+ A »» Select all
Shift+ Ctrl+ A »» Select none
Ctrl+ I »» Invert selection
Shift+ Ctrl+ L »» Float selection
Shift+ V »» Path to selection

Plug-ins menu
Ctrl+ F »» Repeat last plug-in
Shift+ Ctrl+ F »» Reshow last plug-in

Zoom tool menu
click »» Zoom in
Ctrl+ click »» Zoom out
mouse drag »» Zoom into the area