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GIMP Plug-In Registry: it's worth searching there first.

Adaptive Contrast Enhancement. The development site for the ACE is here.

Federico Mena's plug-ins.

Focus Blur lets you create all kinds of interesting effects simulating shallow depth of field.

GAP: the GIMP Animation Package for making movies far beyond the simple animated GIF.

GIMPLabels: A little pair of GIMP scripts which can make it easier to design and print labels, business cards and other sized objects in GIMP, using label templates from the gLabels program.

GREYCstoration can remove noise from a photo.

Mosaics: The idea behind the mosaic plug-in is to transform any image into something that looks as though it were created by positioning a number of tiling elements, each of constant color and an approximate size.

Resynthesizer helps in removing objects from a complicated textured background.

Pandora is a GIMP plug-in which helps in stitching together multiple images to make a panorama.

Palette grabber: A MOZILLA plug-in which allows you create a palette based on the current browser page. After installing it, go to plug-ins, choose the palette grabber option and select show in tool bar. Remember to save the palette in .gimp format. Then copy the file to the palette folder. Enjoy it.

PSPI: Running Photoshop plug-ins in GIMP Now on Linux, too!

Reverse-layers: reverses the order of the layers in the current image. Very useful if you're doing animation or stitching panoramas with Pandora. It's included in GIMP 2.3 and later.

UFRaw: a utility to read and manipulate raw images from digital cameras. It can be used on its own or as a Gimp plug-in.