Essential Links                        , the official GIMP web site. The SITE that you must visit for new releases, news, etc.

The Official Handbook (a.k.a. Gimp User Manual or GUM) A +900 pages classic book. The best Gimp reference available. You can also read it on line.

GIMP Plug-In Registry. A great repository of extensions.

Help files! Yes, those pages are quite good and full of usefull information. You can get the newest help file from site (see above). Probably you already have them. Check in \GIMP-2.0\share\gimp\2.0\help\en in your program files folder. Once installed, press F1 to get some help and Shift+ F1 for context help. And here you can read them on line.

WinGimp is dedicated to support and assist Windows users of GIMP.

GIMPguru is nice collection of photos and tutoriales. Full of resources for photographers. You may even ask The Guru.

Grokking The GIMP. An online book that is already a classic. A bit out-of-date but still very usefull. You can download the whole book to you machine and surfer it off-line.

Reference cards: Quick Reference Card v1.0 and The GIMP Cheat Sheet. Keyboard shortcuts and tips in one page (pdf). Well, the references card are not essentials, but quite handy.