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List in alphabetical order. If not stated otherwise, then the book or magazine is in English. Pt=Portuguese; Fr=French; Sp=Spanish.

[a la] SOS GIMP 2005, Manual in Fr. You can get the pdf of these GNU book here.

Curso de GIMP y otros. Wiki page of SOLEUP, a Free Software Group of Escuela Universitaria Politécnica, Valladolid, Spain. Gimp courses documentation. In Sp.

Free Software Magazine is the free online magazine about free software. It is free to subscribe and free to read online. So, visit it and then search for The GIMP. I may include some articles from there in the tutorial pages.

GIMPZine, free magazine by the Gimp Brazilian community. They have issued 3 numbers, starting from # 0, June 2006 to #2, December 2006. In Pt.

Grokking The GIMP, 2000. An online book that is already a classic. A bit out-of-date but still very useful. You can download the whole book and read it off-line.

The LinuxChix GIMP 2005 course. Eleven lessons via mailing list. Check them out.

The Official Handbook (a.k.a. Gimp User Manual or GUM), 1999 A +900 pages classic book. The best Gimp reference available. You can also read it on line. Also available here.

El Gimp. Un cuarto oscuro digital para el fotógrafo de B&W. 2004, (A digital Darkroom for B&W photographers.) A CC License Book in Sp. Very similar to some tutorials from the GIMPguru. Even some photos are by Eric Jeschke, from the The author states that you can also get the book from the eDonkey P2P net by searching El_Gimp_CuartoOscuroDigital(juanpgarcia).zip

Related books & Magazines

Adobe Photoshop, a book by Michael Karbo. Well, not about The GIMP, but Photoshop. Some warnings from the author. "This work is protected by copyright. It has been published in many European countries but never in English language. (...) It is free to use as it is for personal, non-commercial use. All rights belong to Michael Karbo. You may not in any way copy the contents. These web pages have been produced from a Microsoft Word file. Hence the design, which could be a lot better. The translation is not perfect, neither. You'll have to live with it as it is." So, now you do know...