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The following artists made Art with computer. The only criteria I used to include them here, is that I like what they do. Besides the personal sites listed below, there are collective sites; ie  The CGSociety, The Society of Digital Artists and deviantART. Two great places to see very good Digital Art. That´s all, folks. Enjoy.


Mariana Aran estudió Periodismo y Ciencias de la Comunicación en la Universidad JFK de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Diseñadora gráfica desde el año 1995. Se inició en el arte digital a fines del año 2000. Su técnica consiste en el ensamblaje fotográfico mixto con dibujos e ilustraciones, y alteración y creación de imágenes modificadas digitalmente en programas de retoque fotográfico. Escribe cuentos y poemas desde el año 1993.


Alessandro Baldasseroni, digital modeler and texture artist.


Ray Caesar. "I was born in London, England on October 26 1958, the youngest of four and much to my parent's surprise, I was born a dog. This unfortunate turn of events was soon accepted within my family and was never again mentioned in the presence of polite company. (...) I live in a brick house with my wonderful wife Jane and a coyote called Bonnie. I like eating avocados and I don't really mind being a dog."

CGSociety, The Society of Digital Artists.

Guillermo Clé González. Infografista especializado en 3D Studio MAX. Madrid, Spain.


Marek Denko. "I was born in 1980 in former Czechoslovakia in the small town in the central part of Slovakia called Hlinik nad Hronom.(...) I fell in love with computers in 1991 when my mother bought for me my very first computer Atari 800XL. In 1995 when I started to learn 3dstudio R4 my fate was sealed. Since then I have worked and still working hard on myself to be one of the best."










Martin Kozak


Joey Lawrence Fine Art.


Raúl Magdaleno.

Manipulators. From deviantART.

Alejandro Martín.

Gekka. Crystel Mrowka. From France.


night-fate. From deviantART.



Manuel Perez Art Graphics Design. From Madrid, Spain.

Manuel Pires. "I am a CG Artist in France. I work mainly in the field of video games. You will find here various images (2D or 3D) from various projects that I worked on."

Princess-of-Shadows. From deviantART.




Juan Siquier. From Albacete, Spain; temporally working in Luxembourg.

Daniel Soto, from Madrid, Spain. He makes high quality illustrations for books, advertising, websites, leaflets - brochures, children´s books, etc. The art of his website is CC licensed.

angelreich, Marcin Stawiarz. From deviantART.

Jakub 'jimmac' Steiner. He made many things, like Icons for the Gnome Desktop and video tutorials for The Gimp. I also like his Splash Screens for Gnome, Gimp, etc.

Stipen 3D, from Paris, France.


Maggie Taylor was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and graduated from Yale University with a BA in philosophy. She received an MFA in photography from the University of Florida. For approximately ten years she worked with a camera and film creating still-life images in her studio and garden. In 1996 and 2001 she received State of Florida Individual Artist’s Fellowships. In 1996 Taylor began working digitally, using a scanner in place of a camera. By placing objects directly on the glass top of the scanner she is able to create a unique type of digital image which has some photographic qualities.

The Tango Desktop Project exists to help create a consistent graphical user interface experience for free and Open Source software. The Tango base icon theme is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license. The palette is in public domain. Developers, feel free to ship it along with your application. The icon naming utilities are licensed under the GPL.

Keith Thompson Art.







Radoslav Zilinsky "radoxist".