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My name is Emilio and I love The GIMP.

Hi stranger. I´m working on these site. For now you may visit few pages. I will add more links and pages as fast as I can. Please, come back soon.

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I created these pages for two reasons. The first, is to keep of links about The GIMP -tips, tutorials, books, etc- that I had collected over the years. The second, is to show what I do with The GIMP. No big deal, just I will upload some pictures after playing around with them in The GIMP (applying some filters, colors, etc.) Basically, what I do is to steal other people´s techniques ;-) and mix them up (or not), so I can get draws or pictures I (sometimes) like. So, you will not find anything new here, but a compilation of links related to The GIMP.

Please, be patient. I will be adding links as fast as my free time allows me to. If you known a good site about The GIMP not listed here, or if you follow a link which turns to be a death one, please let me known.

I am using the Windows version of The GIMP (version 2.4.4) but I am considering to jump -again- to a Linux version. Just like in my old Red Hat 6 days... Although these time it wont be RH I guess...