These Are My Top Safe Lists-


List Volta is combining Safe List marketing with social networking and traffic exchange.  Decide on the membership level which is right for you.  Join for free or upgrade and send an email every 24 hours.  Post banners, text ads and advertising blurbs.  All benefits depend on your membership level.  List/Group Volta is a must for any serious internet marketer promoting a great product, service, program, business, etc.! Our system will help drive traffic to your websites and will also help you meet other like minded individuals!  This is a great site to get your ads out there plus interact with like-minded people.

Ease of Use - Good     Time Needed - Average

Recommendation - Yes, Upgrade when possible.

Click here to build multiple mailing lists for free.

List Joe is the first Safe List I started using to market by business.  Free members earn credits, by clicking emails, to build up their mailing credits.  Free members can send an email every 7 days with the credits they earn, up to 4000 per mailing.  Upgraded members can email 3000 random List Joe members every 3 days.  There are other benefits to upgrading at List Joe but this is one of the more expensive safe list programs.  I would recommend joining as a FREE member then upgrade when your income allows.  

Ease of Use - Very Good     Time Needed - Minimal

Recommendation - Join for FREE, Upgrade later.

Elite Safelist has become one of my best marketing tools.  Join for free or upgrade at a reasonable price.  I would take advantage of the one time offer during registration if you are thinking of upgrading.  Free members can send an email once per day.  While Elite members can send an email 6 times per day.  You can, also, do banner advertising on the main site.  Elite Safelist highly rewards its upgraded members.  If possible, I would try to upgrade at this safe list. 

Ease of Use - Excellent     Time Needed - Minimal

Recommendation - Highly Recommend, Upgrade If Possible.

List Building Maximizer is a new tool in my arsenal of safe lists.  As a free member, you can send an email every 5 days.  You can email more frequently depending on your level of upgrade.  This is a click for credit site which can be used very effectively in your safe list marketing campaigns.  If you are planning on upgrading, do it at the initial sign in.  This will save you a considerable amount of money.  If you wait, you will pay more than double this discounted price.  Be sure to use the sign up code to receive your bonus credits.  This is a must and will get you started.

Ease of Use - Excellent     Time Needed - Minimal

Recommendation - Yes, Upgrade If Possible

Midnight Sun SafeList is a very affordable option for safe list mailing.  Join the program for free or upgrade for a maximum of $35 for a Lifetime fee.  This is a fantastic price for a safe list.  Join now and the price is even better.  During the initial sign up you are offered the GRAND membership for only $20 Lifetime.  I would jump on this offer.  You will receive 20,000 mailing credits monthly and can email the entire membership three times a day.  This is a good system with a credit based mailer and a membership based mailer.  With such an affordable price, I recommend you join this one as soon as possible. 

Ease of Use - Excellent     Time Needed - Minimal

Recommendation - Highly Recommend, Mainly because of the Price!


I am including this here because it is a tool to promote your safe lists.

Traffic Wave For Profit is a TOTALLY FREE Referral Building program. Promote one link and build multiple programs. This is a time saving tool which is being copied by many on the internet.  This program is being used by some of the BEST Internet Marketers, including Sherri Kirklin and Chase Swift.  If you are serious about building an income from building programs on the Internet, then this is one tool you must have in your arsenal.  There are currently 42 programs in the Traffic Wave for Profit system, including four of the safe lists I have mentioned above.  Take your time and join the programs that fit your needs.  Build MULTIPLE streams of Income by promoting one link.

Ease Of Use - Excellent     Time Needed - Minimal

Recommendation - Highly Recommend, Join Programs As Warranted

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