Examples: Tested Classroom Activites

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Using Remote Sensing

  1. Obtaining
  2. Linking
  3. Subsetting
  4. Compositing
  5. False coloring
  6. Ratioing
  7. Supervised classification


Pre-post test

Tested Classroom Activities

 Several activities, which use this tool and have been used in the classroom, are included in this section.  Activity 1 contains a worksheet where students can write out responses to the Introduction section A questions. Activity 2 challenges students to find out whether Ohio farmers are following best crop rotation practices through making a supervised classification image from a pre-formatted composite image (This activity correlates to Using Images: section B.) Activity 3 requires students to false color an image to detect seasonal differences in suspended water sediment. (This activity correlates to Using Images: section B also.) To access images below, right click, select "save target as" and save in a folder. Open Multisec, go to file, open image, change file type to all. select image. say OK on all windows until the image appears.