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Using Remote Sensing

  1. Obtaining
  2. Linking
  3. Subsetting
  4. Compositing
  5. False coloring
  6. Ratioing
  7. Supervised classification


Pre-post test

Second Tested Classroom activity to Using Images section B

NOTE: This activity requires a subset composite image (bands 1-5,7) of the mouth of the Maumee River in Toledo, Ohio from fall and spring of the same year.  Here is the image in jpg. (it needs to be in tif format) image. A teacher can provide a premade image, depending on whether the learning goal is to learn how to compositie an image (see the Directions sections) or how to analize a composite image.

Activity 3

Question: In which season, spring or fall is there more sediment in the Maumee River?


Go to http://www.joycefdn.org/News/NewsDetails.aspx?NewsId=156 Click on printable version. Copy and paste the whole article in a word document. Submit a electronic copy when you finish. Using the highlight or underline tool and the tracking tool, answers as directed below. This article is about the 5 million dollar grant assigned to aid the recovery of over 8,000 square miles of the Maumee River watershed in NW Ohio.

  1. Highlight in yellow, 3 reasons why the quality of the Maumee River shed is a concern.
  2. Highlight in green, 2 causes of the problem?
  3. Highlight in cyan, the role streamside vegetation plays?
  4. Highlight in pink, 5 ways this grant plans to improve the river water quality

Analyzing water sediment directions: due to web design restrictions, this exercise's image currently is not in the correct form. Steps 2-5 will work if a subset composite images is already prepared as a tif file.

  1. Create a subset composite image of the mouth and lower Maumee River or use one your teacher has.
  2. Open Multipsec
  3. Go to file, open image.  Wait for it to load. Enlarge the image.
  4. Create a rectangle in the river near the mouth of the river.
  5. In the menu, choose “Window”, select “new window graph”. There are 12 channels which display the reflectance in April bands 1,2,3,4,5,7 as channels 1-6 and Sept bands 1,2,3,4,5,7 as channels 7-12. Since water sediment reflects high in band 2, compare the Spring band 2, (channel 2) to the Fall band 2, (channel 8). On this date, when is there more sediment in the Maumee River, in Spring or Fall? Select and analyze several more areas of the river to see if your answer is the same up river.