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Using Remote Sensing

  1. Obtaining
  2. Linking
  3. Subsetting
  4. Compositing
  5. False coloring
  6. Ratioing
  7. Supervised classification


Pre-post test

An Activity for the Introduction Section

Section A

Activity 1

  1. Read step 5 first. Then go to: Weather Web Cams - Ohio (http://www.passco.com/ohiobugs.htm) or Earthcam (http://www.earthcam.com/). Discuss with your partner or group what types of information you can know from this view and also what information is limited. (Do you know the date or temperature?) Chart a summary of your discussion.
  2. Go to http://maps.live.com/ Find your school and your home by typing in the address in the search box. Share with your group your observations about how long ago it was taken, what time of year and what time of day. Discuss how you know these things. Record how information available from this website is different than from a web cam
  3. Go to Google Earth. Zoom in on your school and home. Explore viewing options. Share and chart differences between these images and those on the webcam and the maps.live sites.
  4. See LANDSAT live, or almost live at EarthNow! http://earthnow.usgs.gov/earthnow_app.html?sessionId=f1b13e89aca30c986a332751482bf58120197 When did the LANDSAT satellite last pass over USA? 
  5. Share with the class what you learned that was new or interesting and one way remotely sensed images can be applied to the subject of your course.
  6. Go to the following sites for a basic introduction to satellite imagining. Answer accompaning questions on the worksheet. See the annotated resources for more extensive information.
    1. What light can a human detect, but  a bee cannot?
    2. What light can a bee detect but a human cannot?
    3. Is there light the human or bee can detect, but the butterfly cannot? How can you tell?
    4. Why can a false color image only display three bands at a time?
    5. Why do we call colored satellite images "false color images"?
    6. Why is it important to know which band was assigned to each color in "false color image"?
    7. Find the USA and Mexico boarder in this image. What accounts for the change in color at the USA and Mexico border?