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Using Remote Sensing

  1. Obtaining
  2. Linking
  3. Subsetting
  4. Compositing
  5. False coloring
  6. Ratioing
  7. Supervised classification


Pre-post test


This section includes a list of possible questions to explore, examples of explored questions, tested classroom activies, and an open ended pre-post test.

Possible questions to explore:

  1. Has urban development created increased flooding risks?
  2. Are farmers rotating crops and is rotation influenced by best soil practices or economic pressures?
  3. How can soil erosion be observed through river sediment quality?
  4. Do land cover changes call for legislative action?
  5. Can satellite images of land cover changes be used to promote environmental awareness?
  6. Create a classified image linked to sounds correlating to land cover
  7. Are places where temperature is recorded such as airports and cities warmer than their surrounding areas?
  8. Is the football field made of artificial turf?
  9. Is there an algae bloom in the water that could be a health risk?
  10. Open up a false color image in Photoshop or GIMP and distort it for Art.