Directions: Linking

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Using Remote Sensing

  1. Obtaining
  2. Linking
  3. Subsetting
  4. Compositing
  5. False coloring
  6. Ratioing
  7. Supervised classification


Pre-post test

Directions for linking LANDSAT single band Images

These directions naturally continue after bands are downloaded because bands must be linked before using.
Background requirements: Downloaded and familiarity with the free MultiSpec© software and tutorial. (See; downloaded images from Ohiolink (refer to the direction sheet titled: Directions For Obtaining Ohio LANDSAT Images); a basic understanding of satellite images is helpful (i.e. bands, false color imaging, resolution).

  1. Open MultiSpec© software.
  2. Click File.
  3. Select Open Image.
  4. Select the folder where your band images are downloaded.
  5. Click the first band image. If it does not show on the list, change the Files of type to: All Files (*.*). Click Open. Click OK in next 2 screens. A black and white image will appear.
  6. Click File.
  7. Select Open Image.
  8. Select "link to active image window” by placing a check in the box in the lower left hand corner of the screen.
  9. Select the second band image. The order of linking is important. Link in numerical order. Click Open.
  10. Select the next band image. Notice the linking box is checked. Click Open.
  11. Repeat linking of all desired bands from the same image date.
  12. Select Cancel on the screen when all desired band images are linked. The number of linked images is indicated in the image title at the top as LX, with X indicating the number of linked images.
  13. Click Processor. Select Reformat. Select Change Image File Format. Click OK at next screen.
  14. Rename your file with a descriptive name and extension .tif such as: Toledo Sept 9 05 b345.tif    The computer will take a little while to reformat and save the file. It will display % done as it reformats. Click OK. Close your file.

You are now ready to do any of the following processes.

  • Subset to make a smaller sized area and document
  • False color your image to show different features better
  • Combine 2 images from different dates to show differences better.
  • Classify ground areas