US History I Resources

Mastery Objective: As a result of our time together in the media center, you will be able to access and search online databases, e-books and credible websites to find biographical and historical information for your US History research project.

Online Databases & E-books- all usernames/passwords: lenapehs1

Infobase American History

  • Great source for information on all topics
  • Get biographies about your role, primary documents, images, videos & other useful sources!
  • Click on "CITATION" at top of each article, image, etc. you find to get the citation for your Works Cited page


  • Search over 400 electronic encyclopedias and reference books for information 

Student Resources in Context

  • This source contains portal pages with various types of documents
  • Click on Citation Tools in any article to get the citation into Noodle Tools


Use only CREDIBLE websites - verify the author and the accuracy of the information.

Use the C.R.A.P. Test to verify websites!

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