The Eagles Prepare for Fall 2013 Flight!

HAB 12 - Fall 2013


Flight Day

    On November 2nd 2013 at 6:00 am, the High Altitude Team #12 (HAB 12) meet at the University of Southern Indiana to prepare for the flight of the balloon. The launch team loaded everything into the a trailer and traveled to the launch site. This semester the launch site was in Patoka Illinois. The launch team was able to quickly and successful inflate the balloon and attach all the pods. Then the balloon was released and the chase began.

    The recovery team was constantly tracking the balloon. Strong winds forced the balloon further north than predicted. The balloon landed in a tree about 30 feet off of the ground just outside of Patoka Indiana. The recovery team was adequately trained and had the proper equipment in order to retrieve the balloon.



Tethered Test

    The University of Southern Indiana's (USI) High Altitude Ballooning Team #12 (HAB 12) conducted their annual tethered test on Monday, October 7th, 2013.  The test took place on the Quad at USI between 3:00 and 6:00 pm.

    To begin the test the balloon was filled with helium until the balloon had the proper lift in order to lift all the pods off of the ground. Attached to the balloon are the following pods, listed in order of proximity to the balloon:

    *The Parachute
    *The Command Pod
    *The APRS Pod
    * The Release Pod

    The Command Pod and APRS Pod will provide two different ways to track the balloon. The Release Pod holds a sphere. One of the teams goals is to release the sphere from the Release Pod at 90,000 ft.

    Once the balloon was filled it was released while attached to a 200ft long rope. The rope helped hold the balloon steady at 200 feet in the air. While the balloon was in the air the team was able to successfully track the APRS and the Command Pod. Also the release mechanism worked perfectly. After the test the team is confident that the flight will be a success on November 2nd.




World Record Attempt!

    On Saturday, November 17, 2012, the University of Southern Indiana's HAB 10 Team will try again at an attempt to break the world record of dropping a paper airplane from an altitude of more than 89,591 feet.  The plane will be constructed of paper straws, paper board, and printer paper, and will have two tracking devices on board to aid in the recovery.  The HAB 9 Team was not satisfied with the first attempt on October 27 when the balloon prematurely burst at an altitude of approximately 88,000 feet.  They are investigating what actually made the balloon burst early, and will hopefully get the problem corrected for November 17.  The team will also be making minor modifications to the plane along with the release mechanism in hopes of breaking the previous world record!

    The USI HAB 9 Team would like to give a special thanks to StratoStar http://www.stratostar.net/ and the Tristate Amateur Radio Society http://www.w9og.net/ for all of their help and support during the balloon launches.  


**2011 Intercollegiate High Altitude Balloon Competition Champions**

The High Altitude Ballooning at the University of Southern Indiana is an engineering class in which students participate in a start-to-end engineering project as part of a  team to launch, track and recover a high-altitude helium-filled weather balloon which will carry a number of experiments.

Each student is expected to contribute to at least one experiment and to participate in other aspects of the pre-flight, flight and post-flight experience