Why this Guide?

The website of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum offers a vast array of resources for teachers: articles; photos; videos; animated maps; and, online exhibitions.  This Guide will help you to navigate the site to make the best use of the resources available whether you are teaching a course on the Holocaust or preparing to bring your students to the Museum.

Fifty-seven Jewish day and supplemental religious school directors and teachers in the greater Washington DC area were surveyed to assess the need for a guide such as this.  Slightly more than half of the teachers who responded said that they had used the Museum's online resources, such as the Holocaust Encyclopedia.  These numbers suggest that teachers may be unaware of what the Museum offers.  In addition, as one teacher said there is so much information, they would not know where to start.  The purpose of this Toolbox is to try to meet these needs. 

This Toolbox is the project of the Museum Teacher Fellowship program (2010-2011).
How to Use this Toolbox
The USHMM has identified topic areas for you to consider while planning a course of study on the Holocaust.  Each Topic connects you to an article in the Museum’s Holocaust Encyclopedia.  Each article also offers links to maps, videos, and survivor testimony as they relate to the topic.
In addition, this Toolbox offers links to other pages in the Museum’s website, plus a suggestion of additional sites to help you explore the topic further.
Websites change all the time.  Should you encounter any inactive or changed links, please contact me (Cynthia Peterman) at holocausteducator@gmail.com. Cynthia Peterman has the sole copyright to this site.  Unless otherwise indicated all photographs are courtesy of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.
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