Course Assignment Process

Note: The PTFA encourages department chairs and program directors to go beyond the basic requirements of the CBA, below. Share information with part time faculty about the scheduling process, expected timeline, upcoming messages with course offerings, completion of the scheduling process, etc.  Basic information reduces stress and helps adjuncts plan their lives.

Note that the term "established competence" is highly contested between the Union and Management.  The Union holds that phrase has no meaning given the clarifications re: PHP seniority in the CBA ratified April 2019.  Article 25 of the CBA establishes a Joint Committee on Established Competence to explore and clarify the term, and to report by 1 May 2021.  As of the end of Fall Semester 2019, Management has not responded to Union requests to convene this committee.


from Appendix 3 of the CBA

Course Assignment Process

Letter of Agreement

Spring 2019

1. Starting with the course assignments for Spring 2020, Departments or Programs will assign adjunct professors in the following sequence,

1. The University (Colleges / Departments / Programs), will notify all PHP faculty via email that course assignments for the upcoming semester are underway and they may express their interest in teaching via email to the University within 5 days.

2. Once the Full-Time faculty course assignments are complete, the University will notify PHP faculty via email what course(s) are available as per Article 12.10: their seniority as specified by their PHP offer letter and any course they have taught without restrictions since attaining PHP status in their department, and established competence.

3. PHP faculty will have five (5) working days to express via email their intent to teach and what course(s) they would like to teach.

4. Following the deadline in step 3, the University will assign PHP faculty course(s) based on Article 12.10. 

5. Unassigned courses will only be offered to non-PHP faculty once step 4 is completed.

6. PHP faculty may request a meeting with their Dean to explore the possibility of teaching courses outside of their current established competence. All reasonable requests will be considered and a process of evaluation may be required.

7.  This MOU is not subject to the arbitration provisions of the CBA until July 1, 2021.

from Article 12 of the CBA

12.12.2 PHP Faculty in Rhetoric and Language (including Public Speaking, Composition and AEM), Spanish, Theology and Religious Studies, and Philosophy will be offered two (2) courses at a time per semester on the basis of seniority as long as courses are available.

12.12.3 PHP faculty in all other departments shall be offered one course per semester on the basis of seniority, and an additional course in seniority order after other individuals in PHP have been offered a course, as long as courses are available.