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History of PHP 2

In 2011, as a result of our renegotiated adjunct contract, the University agreed to create an opportunity for adjuncts in the Preferred Hiring Pool to be promoted to Preferred Hiring Pool 2 (PHP 2). The opportunity for promotion to PHP 2 requires an application to the dean. Approval is contingent upon evidence of excellent teaching performance and is subject to the sole discretion of the dean and available funding. Upon approval, successful PHP 2 applicants receive a 20% raise.

Determination and Number of Awards

Note that there are a limited number of slots, and so not all worthy applicants will be awarded PHP 2. The number of awards is contingent upon several factors including funding. The number of awards given in past years is not an indicator of the number of awards in subsequent years. Associate deans will make recommendations for the available PHP 2 slots to the Dean, who will have the final decision in the matter.


  1. 12.9  Preferred Hiring Pool 2 (PHP 2)

    PHP 2 candidates must have a minimum of ten (10) years of service and one hundred and twenty eight (128) units in the bargaining unit. They must notify their department chair in writing on their intent to apply for PHP 2. Promotion to PHP 2 will be based on teaching excellence, collegiality, continuing professional development in teaching, and support for department / programs learning objectives and outcomes. Decisions by the Dean for PHP 2 status will be final and shall not be subject to the grievance and arbitration provisions of the agreement.

  2. 12.10  Re-Application for PHP 2

    Applicants who are denied PHP 2 status are eligible to reapply in two (2) years. 

  1. 12.11  Post PHP 2 Evaluation

    12.11.1 If a PHP 2 member’s Blue evaluations are below the university mean (2 consecutive semesters), or PHP 2 members receive poor classroom observation reports, a meeting with the Dean is required before additional courses are offered.

    12.11.2 Every 2-years, PHP and PHP 2 faculty are required to submit a minimum of a 1-page narrative describing how they reflect on their teaching, adopt effective pedagogies, and engage with department or program learning outcomes. 

Application Requirements

On or before October 15, adjunct faculty members may submit an application to the Dean for placement in PHP 2. All USF school applications (CAS, SOM, SONHP, SOE) PHP applications are submitted through the online gnosis system, administered by CAS. The application should include the following materials:

See the PHP 1 page on this website and/or the CBA for application requirements.


  • Teaching evaluations for the past five years are consistently and significantly above average and/or demonstrate improvement in relationship to the unit mean.
  • Course syllabi and/or accompanying instructional materials show evidence of continuing improvement and engagement in the scholarship of teaching.
  • Statement of teaching philosophy demonstrates thoughtful reflection on the applicant’s teaching for the benefit of student learning and reflects USF’s mission, goals, and objectives. (View an example.)
  • Evidence that teaching materials and methods are continually updated in the light of pedagogical developments in the field.
  • Successful demonstration of engagement with students and commitment to the USF vision and values ( and leadership or initiative in the applicant’s department.

Recommendation to Applicant

  • Submit your strongest material, not everything you do.
  • Keep your application succinct and relevant: quality trumps quantity.
  • Notify your chair or program director that you are submitting an application.
  • Teaching excellence at USF will be given greater emphasis than experience related to other universities or work not related to USF.
  • See application recommendations for PHPI 

Notification by the Dean

On or before July 15, the Dean shall notify each applicant of the decision on PHP 2.

The Dean’s decision shall be in writing.

Adjunct faculty who are granted PHP 2 status will be placed in that category at the beginning of the following fall semester.

Adjunct faculty whose application is denied may continue to teach in the preferred hiring pool.

Decisions of the Dean as set forth in this proposal shall not be subject to the grievance and arbitration provisions of the adjunct faculty contract.

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