Medical & Dental

All Members who have taught one year (fall and spring) and a minimum of 12 units are eligible to enroll in the Kaiser Health Plan. Deadline for the waiting list is the end of the first week of classes.

Procedure to receive Kaiser Coverage at USF:

To be put on the waiting list, send an email to the USFFA-PT Secretary: secretary [at] by the Wednesday before Census (third Friday of the semester). The waiting list will be shared with HR after Census Date of the given semester. People on the wait list will be contacted 1-3 weeks after census date with instructions on how to complete enrollment. Kaiser health coverage then begins the first of the following month - October 1st for fall semester enrollees, March 1st for spring semester enrollees.

IMPORTANT: You must receive a paycheck for 6 specific pay periods per semester (Oct, Nov, Dec covers Sept through Feb and Mar, Apr, May covers Mar through Aug), because of the payment plan for 6 months of medical coverage. These paychecks must be sufficient to cover the Kaiser deduction.  If necessary, if you only have a few units in a semester, it may be possible to arrange for paychecks only for these months, and not the first month of the semester.  You'll need to check and make arrangements with the budget director in your college or school.

Each adjunct should receive a reminder in the Fall and in the Spring semester regarding the Kaiser medical plan enrollment period.

One party - $121/pay period; USF contribution $460.04

Two party - $286/pay period; USF contribution $876.10

Three + party - $360/pay period; USF contribution $1,644.37

Registered Domestic Partner - $165/pay period

Since you are covered during the summer and during other breaks, your deductions will be higher than the monthly amounts mentioned above since the benefits are prorated. Deductions are taken out of your Oct/Nov/Dec and Mar/Apr/May paychecks. In other words, the three months of deductions are double the monthly premium, and the deductions cover six months of coverage -- as indicated in the "2019 Kaiser Payroll Deductions" above.  Once awarded a slot, you will need to teach at least one class a semester to continue coverage and your 3 last paychecks of the semester must be sufficient to cover the medical deduction. If you take a leave of absence or do not earn enough to cover the premiums, you will be eligible for COBRA.

IMPORTANT: You must have a salary in the three premium months (Oct/Nov/Dec and Mar/Apr/May) that is enough to cover the premium. If you are only teaching a few credit hours and are concerned that your pay may not cover the premiums, it may be possible to defer your first paycheck in September or February to ensure you have sufficient pay in the three months premiums are deducted.  Check with your college or school’s business manager.

Effective January 1, 2020: A one-time permanent $10 reduction in Kaiser premium will be applied for all enrollees

SF Healthcare Security Ordinance (SFHCSO)

The SFHCSO is a requirement for employers with 20+ employees, to spend a certain amount per hour toward health care for their employees who work at least 8 hours per week in San Francisco.  To learn more about the Ordinance, go to

For information about how USF meets this requirement, please visit

USF also does not offer access to Blue Cross. However, all CSU alumni have access to Blue Cross PPO. SFSU is .


We often hear from members about the lack of dental insurance for USF adjuncts. Even though we don’t have access to a dental insurance plan like Delta, you can purchase Careington Dental Plan for $99/year, and get dental services for reduced fees. A small additional fee will cover everyone in your household, and also includes a vision fee reduction plan. Not all dentists accept Careington, but the savings can be significant. Several dentists have begun offering their own low-cost programs similar in price to Careington.

You can also check out the Covered California website: we do not endorse this plan, we merely want adjuncts to know that CC has dental coverage that they might be interested in looking into.