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Adjunct Offices in the Gleeson Shared Space

Adjunct faculty in all schools and colleges may use the facilities available in the Gleeson Shared Office Space on the fourth floor of Gleeson Library.  The space, including personal lockers, is managed by the College of Arts and Sciences. Contact CAS's Meagan Gonzaga (422-5184 or ) if you have questions or would like to reserve a personal locker.  If your USF ID card does not open the door to the space, contact Meagan to have the room coded onto your USF One Card account.

The space offers 12 cubicles with computers; shared printers, scanners, copiers; personal lockers; small conference rooms for private meetings with 1 to 3 students; and a student assistant at the front desk.  The space is available during Gleeson library hours.

The space is managed by the Gleeson 4th floor committee, with members from administration and the union.  If you have questions or would like to serve on the committee, send an email to Sue Bae: vp [at] and Bob Bathrick: treasurer [at]
During final exam week each semester, much of the space is used by Student Disability Services for student final exams.

Deep cleaning and scheduled maintenancetakes place each summer.  By the end of the spring semester (mid-May), adjuncts should 
  • Please remove all your belongings from the bookshelves and/or other common areas, including the walls. If you need assistance moving items, please contact Associate Dean Fung's assistant, Meagan Gonzaga (422-5184 or, and we will arrange for Facilities to assist you.
  • For those scheduled to teach in the Fall, please store your materials in your secure locker. We may be able to provide a second locker if needed and if there is availability. If you need assistance moving items, storing oversize items, or would like to request an additional locker, please contact Meagan Gonzaga.
  • Please do not leave graded or ungraded student work or materials with students' information in public. Student graded work that you need to retain should be securely stored to be in compliance with FERPA. 
  • Please confirm with Meagan Gonzaga if you request to keep your locker for the next academic year. This will help us maintain an accurate inventory of the usage of the lockers.
We will place extra recycling bins and a confidential recycling bin (confidential recycling bins are for materials that need to be shredded) in the space for your convenience. Members of the Committee will survey the space
​ during the first week of June
 to remove any remaining items on the shelves or in the common area. These items will be stored for one year before being removed permanently.


The Gleeson 4th Floor Committee