• To improve the working conditions of our members. 
  • To strive for quality education and fair working conditions for all teachers. 
  • To seek equal quality in all classes and equal pay for equal work.

As stated in our Constitution and By-Laws, the objectives of the USF-PTFA shall be:

(1) To represent the members of the Association for the purposes of collective bargaining;
(2) To promote the welfare of part-time faculty by obtaining full and just compensation for teaching, mentoring, and professional services rendered;
(3) To promote and protect the academic freedom of the faculty;
(4) To exercise a voice in the allocation of University resources and in the formation of conditions under which part-time faculty teach;
(5) To promote the educational and professional excellence of the University and its part-time faculty;
(6) To foster and protect the rights of the individual under the contract;
(7) To promote the well-being of students and the advancement of the Jesuit educational tradition as embodied in the University's statement of Vision and Mission;
(8) To organize and empower part-time faculty to achieve the goals listed above.