Info re: Spring 2016 Elections

Awards Dinner 2016: 5 May, 6pm

The new Constitution and By-laws approved by 97% of voting members!


Results of the 2016 USFFA-PT Elections:

Executive Board

President: John Higgins

Vice-president: Sue Bae

Treasurer: Robert Bathrick

Secretary:  Rebecca Seeman


Policy Board:

At-large: Michael Ed Lenert

A&S:  Shawn Colleen Doubiago, Laurel Scotland-Stewart, Ellen Thompson

SOE:  Onllwyn C. Dixon

SON: Nate Hinerman

SOM: Bradley Morrison 

Vote statistics and turnout information were sent to members via email (may be in spam folders; ITS is working on the problem). They will be re-sent after the listserv problems are resolved.

With our very best regards,

The 2016 Elections Committee
Amy Martin, elections@usffapt.org
Christy M. Newman, Chair, elections@usffapt.org
Angelika Rappe, elections@usffapt.org


Welcome to the USF Faculty Association - Part Time website and to USF.  The Association represents part-time teachers at the University of San Francisco

We hope your teaching experience here is a positive one.  You become a member of the USF Faculty Association - Part Time thirty (30) days after your first dues are automatically deducted from your USF pay. The USFFA-PT serves as your collective bargaining agent with the university.  

If you're new to USF, the USFFA-PT, Local 4269A is the union representing you and your interests.  Explore the web site and/or contact one of the officers or representatives from the list on the Officer's Page to have a chat about the benefits, history, and objectives of the adjuncts' union. And join your colleagues at an Association meeting or social event listed on the  "Meetings" page.

Take a few minutes to browse our site. It has information that affects your life as an adjunct at USF. 

USFFA-PT Policy Board created a video that features interviews with USF adjuncts. It’s a way to capture some of our experiences as part-timers and to help others understand the disparity between full and part-time faculty. Here is the direct link: