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Teaching Development Funds

You should receive application forms from your dean early each Fall and Spring to apply for Teaching Development Funds. For Arts & Sciences, the due dates are October 15 and February 15. (These dates may change if the deadline falls on a weekend.) Here is where you'll find the A&S application forms:

If you teach in the SOE, SON, or SOM, you can apply any time of year.

These funds are available to pursue work in the areas of course development, student learning, and related pedagogical issues. Most funds are awarded for expenses incurred in attending conferences or workshops that will enhance your teaching. You also can apply to be reimbursed for materials and supplies related to teaching development. Applications can only be submitted in a semester when you are actually teaching at USF.

Each school receives a proportion of the total funds available, depending on the number of units taught by adjuncts. Arts & Sciences hires the greatest number of adjuncts, so it gets the highest portion.

Please take advantage of these funds that we have negotiated for you. Contact your dean for more information.