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to President Fitzgerald, Provost Heller, and the Board of Trustees:
USF Part Time Faculty Deserve a Fair Contract!

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The Petition:

Dear President Fitzgerald, Provost Heller, and the Board of Trustees,

I ask that you negotiate in good faith with the USF Part Time Faculty Association (PTFA) in a manner consistent with Jesuit values of social justice and USF’s mission. 

The PTFA is the union representing over 600 adjunct faculty at USF, affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers/ CFT Local 6590.  This largest of the faculty groups on campus is also the most vulnerable.  Read stories about their struggles on Facebook:

Part Time Faculty are seeking:

- A fair salary increase that matches the percentage increase of full time faculty;

- Lower health care rates (current rates are the highest of any covered group on campus);

- Job security and predictability;

- Fairness in course assignments;

- A Part Time Faculty Peer Review ;

- Inclusion of part time faculty into decision-making at all levels of the university;

- No freeze on promotion applications to the "Preferred Hiring Pool"

- Increased security and benefits for members who do not have PHP status.

- No harassment of the Union negotiating team or retaliation of members for Union activity.

President Fitzgerald, Provost Heller, and members of the Board of Trustees:  Social justice begins at home.  Please negotiate in good faith -- and with respect -- with part time faculty at USF for the benefit of USF students, faculty, and University communities.