Calendar Spring '09

Week 1 (1/27): Creating Websites without Programming * Cloud Computing

Google Sites
Google Sites Tutorial: Building a profile page.

Team Assignment: Build a site (DUE MONDAY FEB 9 MIDNIGHT)
Research Assignment: Cloud Computing (DUE WEDNESDAY FEB 4 MIDNIGHT)

Web Architecture
HTML 101

Week 2: (2/3) Creating Websites with HTML and CSS

Web Architecture,
HTML 101

HTML Attributes

Cloud Computing Notes (see Week 4 checklist)

HTML Basics: Using HTML within Google Sites

Week 3: (2/10) Creating Websites with HTML and CSS

HTML: Add a Menu

CSS 101
CSS 102

CSS 103

Week 4: (2/17) Creating Websites with HTML and CSS

Images with advanced HTML+CSS
HTML Lists and Tables
Web Design Review
HTML/CSS Checklist  -- Demonstrate to instructor/TA by THURSDAY, FEB 19, 12:15 pm.
Hexadecimal Colors
Search and Search Engine Optimization DUE WED, FEB 25, MIDNIGHT (send link to and put on portfolio)


Week 5 (2/24) : Creating Websites with HTML and CSS + Search

Robot Programming
Robot Programming Lab 1
Robot Programming Lab 2: Loops
Robot Lab 3: Sensors

Week 6: (3/3) Robot Programming

Robot Lab 4: Functions
Search Notes

Week 7 (3/10):  Programming in Python

A Variable is a Memory Cell
Python Interest Rate Tutorial

Week 8: (3/17) Midterm

Midterm Review
Midterm, Thursday, 3/19


Week 9 (3/31): Programming in Python

Midterm Discussion
Iteration and the Bank Account Program

In-Class Python Programming Checklist

Week 10: (4/7)Programming in Python:Photoshop-like programs

Python: Media Computing Introduction
A Picture is a Matrix

Python Image Programming Assignment: EXTENDED TO WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22, MIDNIGHT

Week 11: 4/14) Programming in Python:Photoshop-like programs

Collaborative Systems Research Project DUE WEDNESDAY APRIL 29, MIDNIGHT
Grayscale and Mirroring
Mirroring, Copying, Scaling Notes
Picture on Picture

Week 12: (4/21) Programming in Python: Photoshop-like programs

Collaboration worksheet
Programming Concepts Review

Week 13: (4/28) Programming Dynamic Web Pages with Python and HTML

Programming Dynamic Web Pages: GPA Example
The Dynamic Part of a Dynamic Web Page
Lists, Strings, and Iteration

Final Project: Dynamic Web Page: DUE THURSDAY MAY 14, MIDNIGHT

Week 14 (5/5) :Programming Dynamic Web Pages with Python and HTML

HTML Forms and Server Responses

Week 15 (5/12) : Final Review and Projects

Final Project and Portfolios DUE THURSDAY 5/14 MIDNIGHT

Final: Tuesday May 19, 11:30 am