Thursday March 25th


Registration:                                                       2:00-6:00 pm                                             MSC 2nd floor atrium


Performance Panel:

“LGBT Friendly?”                                             5:00-5:30 pm                                             MSC 3709



(Beer and Wine)                                                 5:30-6:30 pm                                             MSC 2100A


Plenary Address:

Memoirist Kathleen Finneran                    7:00 pm                                                      GraphicStudio

(introduction by Alicia Thompson)


 Friday March 26th

Registration                                                        9:00-1:00 pm                                             MSC 2nd floor atrium


Session 1                                                             10:00 to 11:15 am                                    Room

A. Body Talk                                                                                                                            MSC 3712

Chair: Megan Weber, University of South Florida

     1. Mellissa Carroll: Title TBA

     2. Kristin King: “’Eve is Mary’s Mother. Mary is the Daughter of Eve’”: The Union of Mind  

            and Body in Toni Morrison’s Paradise”


Session 2                                                             11:30 am to 12:45 pm

B. Staging Silence                                                                                                                  MSC 2702

Chair: Kendra Bryant, University of South Florida

1.       Domenica Newell-Amato: “Hearing the Sighs above the Clamor in Racine’s Bajazet and


2.       Lindsay Sloan: “The ‘Other’ Woman: Beatrice-Joanna as the Androgynous Agent and  

           Deceptive Dramaturge in Middleton and Rowley’s The Changeling”

3.       Deborah Kochman: “The Tracy Letts’ Trilogy: An Exploration of the Poetry and Politics     

          Of White Middle Class America in Man from Nebraska, August: Orange County, and   

          Superior Donuts (or How a Playwright Never Lets a Serious Crisis go to Waste)”


Lunch: (Boxed lunches available)              1:00-2:00 pm                                            MSC 2708

Reading by novelist Paul Lisicky, Introduction by Jim Miller

Session 3                                                             2:15 to 3:30 pm                                         Room

A. Popular Culture                                                                                                                 MSC 4102

Chair: Quentin Vieregge, University of South Florida

     1. Susan Gail Gernenz: “Rhetorical Empowerment: Tattoos as Visual Rhetoric of Resistance”

     2. Blake Paxton: “Female country music artists show what “little girls are made of”:

           Resisting  Systems of domination through feminist rhetorical appropriation”

     3. Thomas K. Fagerholm: “Horror Drama and Pain”


B. She is Spoken For: Silencing Women in Theory and Theater                          MSC 2702

Chair: Erin Trauth, University of South Florida

     1. Megan Weber: “Silent Stages: Elizabeth Inchbald’s Transportation of Female Silence from   

              the Novel to the Stage in the 1790’s”

     2. Heather E.Pope: “Seducing Baudrillard: the Allure of Appearances”


Session 4                                                             3:45 to 5:00 pm                                         Room

A. Breaking the Silence: Pedagogy and Performance                                               MSC 4102

Chair: Jeffrey Honnold, University of South Florida

     1. Joanna L. Anglin: “Hip Hop Hamlet: How Popular Culture can give Students Voice in the  


     2. Summer R. Cunningham “Transcending Stereotypes: A Story Dedicated to Exposing and

              Overcoming the Obstacles for Single Mothers in Pursuit of Higher Education”

     3. Scott Neumeister and Dr. Gary Lemmons: “‘Brothers of the Soul’ –Men Learning about

              Teaching in the Spirit of Feminism



B. Toni Morrison’s Songs of Silence                                                                               MSC 2702

Chair: Paul Quigley, University of South Florida

     1. Jessica McKee: “Breaking the Silence: Toni Morrison’s Jazz”

     2. Kendra Bryant: “Spiritual Suicide in Toni Morrison’s Jazz: A Response to Andrew Belton”

     3. Megan Adams: “‘Slave. Free. I Last’: Toni Morrison’s A Mercy and the Project of Recovery


Session 5                                                             5:15 to 6:15 pm                                         MSC 2708

Open Mic Poetry, led by Kendra Bryant


Keynote Address                                              6:30-7:30 pm                                             MSC 2500

AnaLouise Keating, introduction by Kendra Bryant

     "Voicing Transformation: From Status-Quo Stories to 'Cosmic Connections'"

Dinner                                                                  7:30-8:30 pm                                             MSC 2500 


Saturday, March 27th

Registration                                                        10:00-11:00 am                                         MSC 2nd floor atrium


Breakfast                                                             9:00-10:00 am                                           MSC 2703

     Coffee and Donuts


Session 6                                                             10:00 to 11:15 am                                    MSC 3704

A. Geopolitics: Worlds of Silence                                                                                    

Chair: Taylor Mitchell, University of South Florida

     1. Michael Jing han Zeng: “The Beijing Olympics and the Rising of Chinese Nationalism”

     2. Lennon Mhishi:  “Wining for Change: Muted Voices in Zimbabwe Political Turmoil”

     3. Azka Tanveer Mahmood: “Political Activism in Young Adult Muslims: A Study of  

             Pakistani-Americans in Tampa Bay”

     4. Sarah Namulondo “Reawakening the repressed: Silence as a way of knowing in 

             Yvonne  Vera’s Under the Tongue (1996)


B. Teaching Testimony; Professing Silence                                                                 MSC 4102

Chair: Jessica McKee, University of South Florida

     1. Karla O’Donald: “Testiminio: A Possibility”

     2. Paul Corrigan: “"Yes . . . But Silence Too: The Limits of Language and the Place of          

           Silence in the University"

Session 7                                                             11:30 to 12:45 pm                                    MSC 3708

A. Spectacles of Silence: Performance Pieces

Chair: Jessica McKee, University of South Florida

     1. Jim Miller “Afraid of the Question”

     2. Kristen Blinne and Libby Jeter: “Masturbation in Performance: A Conversation”

     3. David Purnell: “What Kind of World do you Want?”


Lunch Break                                                      1:00-2:00 pm

 Session 8                                                            2:15 to 3:30 pm                                         MSC 3704

A. Appropriating Silence: Post-Colonial Discourses

Chair: Angela Eward-Mangione, University of South Florida

     1. Christie Cook: “Voicelessness and Silence in The Piano”

     2. Erin Jean Warde: “Cyclical Temporality in Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses”

     3. Katherine McGee: “Silence and the Environment in Green Mansions


Session 9                                                             3:45 to 5:00 pm                                         MSC 3708

Queer Expectations: Shakespeare, Baldwin, and the Nuclear Family

Chair: Jessica Mckee, University of South Florida

     1. Rebecca Mertz: “’Rosalind is your love’s name?”: The ‘full weight’ of Celica’s Love in As   

              You Like It”

     2. Taylor Mitchell: “The Lavender Scare”


Jessica Mckee,
Mar 25, 2010, 6:01 AM