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Thai Tu

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App Overview:
RecipeBook app is an app that allows college students to share food recipes with each other. Once a student decides to share a recipe, the recipe will be stored in an online database and available for other students to view. Many college students are not great cooks so having access to simple recipes used by other students with better cooking skills can serve as a great assisting tool. RecipeBook offers very easy navigation as it consists of only 3 screens.


App Special Features:
- Uniquely designed logo & icon
- Top-of-page screen navigation
- Internet disconnection notification
- Fill out empty fields notification

How to use:
- When the app opens, the "Home" screen will appear with 2 buttons (Figure 1)
        - click on "SHARE A RECIPE" if you would like to share your recipe
        - click on "VIEW RECIPE LIST" if you are looking for recipes to learn from
- To submit a recipe, simply fill out the fields required in "SHARE A RECIPE" page and click "Submit" (Figure 2)
- To search recipes, go to the "Food Recipes" page and click on the "RECIPE LIST" button. (Figure 3)
        - A list of recipes will appear, simply click on the recipe you desire

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Business Plan:
Like many others, I am a college student living off campus. In order to save ourselves some money and have more control over how healthy we eat, we have to cook our own meals at home. However, a lot of college students are not the best cooks. We tend to just throw whatever we have on a frying pan and just turn on the fire and hope that the food will taste good. Unfortunately, the majority of the time the food fails to taste the way we would like it to taste. With RecipeBook, these students can now learn from their fellow students about how to cook simple quality dishes that can still taste delicious. This also allows the students with better cooking skills to display their cooking talents.

As of right now, the main target audience for this RecipeBook app is college students as many of them are always looking for ways to cook better and tastier meals.

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Above are some Android apps that are somewhat similar to RecipeBook. However, many of these apps have recipes that are already provided by the app. The only app that offers user-submitted recipes is the Dinner Spinner app in addition to the recipes that are already provided by the app itself. What makes RecipeBook unique and different from all the above apps is that all the recipes present on the app are user-submitted. This means that the majority of these recipes will be not be too complex as they are recipes from normal people and not chefs.
In addition, RecipeBook is very simple to use as it only has three different screens.

Future Directions:
Moving forward I can start to expand my target audience to more than just college students as that will allow me to gain more users. In order to do this it would require several updates and changes to the current RecipeBook app. I could potentially create a feature where users can have their own profiles so that their uploaded recipes can be linked to their profiles. In addition I would also make it possible for users to upload a picture of their dish along with their recipe so the others users can have a visual image of the dish. Another feature that I would include would be a rating system where users can rate each recipe so that other users can have an idea of which recipes are best. Lastly, I would create categories for the recipes so that when users are searching for the recipes of their choice, it would make it a lot more simpler and less time-consuming to find their desired recipe.

Thai Tu,
May 14, 2012, 9:47 PM
Thai Tu,
May 14, 2012, 9:47 PM