Dating Appvice - Dani and Mackenzie

Major Project 2: Dating Appvice

Danielle Girolami and Mackenzie Lisenby


Dating Appvice is the application for anyone who wants to get answers to all their dating questions! Everyone at some point has questions about their relationships that might be too awkward for a friend to answer, and this application allows users to interact with a group of strangers. Users can ask any question they have pertaining to relationships and get Yes, No, or Maybe answers from users who have the application. They can also return the favor by answering others' questions.

What is the "problem" or need does your app solve?
    In our culture, dating is one of the most complex events that people encounter every day.  Thousands of questions arise from the science of relationships and dating, most of which we are rarely able to answer on our own.  Dating Appvice allows people to ask their fellow "daters" Yes or No questions about their situation, and then are able to get an instant poll tallying the honest response to that person's dating issues.  This app will speed up a person's decision-making process about what they should do, and also have confidence in what they decide because of the support of others. 

Similar Applications:

There are a lot of dating applications available that are dating services that match users with other singles. The dating advice applications we found used a list of preset answers, and were similar to how a magic eight ball works. However, we could not find another application that gives users real advice from real people.

Special Sauce
 The major benefits of this app are simple - its fast, helpful, honest, and allows the users a certain degree of anonymity.  By connecting everyone who has this app to each other, the users will be able to get a quicker and more direct response rather than just asking a few friends who might not even be available.  Strangers are able to analyze situations without bias, which is very helpful for the users who want honest opinions and are in dire need of a straight answer, like yes or no. 

Variables/Event Handlers

Our application uses a multitue of components, variables, and functions. The user enters text into a text box and clicks a submit button that sends that information to TinyWebDB, which will store all the questions and answers users submit. There is also a button for users to get back information from the database that will allow them to see what answers people had for their questions. The application is also going to give users a list of questions for them to answer using radio buttons. So, there are several events that happen like "SubmitButton.Clicked" that sends infomation to TinyWebDB, "RetrieveButton.Clicked" which brings information back from TInyWebDB. Then there is also "RadioButton.Changed" which will submit poll answers to the database, and there is "TinyWebDB.GotValue" which will bring back information about the questions and answers for the users. To tally up votes, there are going to be counters for all the answers in the poll, and those are the variables.

Screen Shot of App


Mackenzie L.,
May 18, 2010, 10:59 AM