Jacob's  trial of the Yamaha WX5

Small guide for Jacob, Julie, Ruud and Dave.

Let's make some noise!                                    
This song is a little present for you all. pure_imagination.mp3 It is written and performed by Erik Klein. He dedicate this rendition to the students at My Breath my Music who remind him of the endless possibilities of wind controllers and the power of music. This is his website Robosax

Click on the photo to enlarge. You will see the switch settings I use.These  switch settings are needed to plat with one hand.


Jacob will need a low bass drum Microphone stand.

The WX5 can be mounted with gaffa tape and later with a home made adapter. My breath My Music  (Ruud) will donate a WX5 after Dave's visit. (we need to know if Jacob likes playing a wind controller first)
Ruud is emailing to Music stores to see where he can get a good discount on the WX5.
Dave will help with a more payable solution for the sound module. Julie will buy the sound module and low microphone stand. 
What are we going to play? WE WILL WE WILL ROCK YOU! MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB (rock version) are very good to start with.
You can listen to "every breath that you take" on http://www.mybreathmymusic.com/sylvia.htm go all the way to  the right to "Choose a song"

For a start you will only need 1 hand to play some cool tunes.
http://freesheet.googlepages.com is a collection of songs to start with, it's written in my own easy to read
notation How it works you will find on http://www.mybreathmymusic.com/explanation.htm
If you want to play this tunes reading regular music notation go to http://freesheet.googlepages.com/simple  

I think Ivo is a good example. If you study this photo then this would be the way Jacob would play the instrument.  The low microphone stand is essential (bass drum microphone stand) otherwise you can't make the right angle to play. Ivo plays only 1 hand songs. This will be best for Jake too! I have a growing collection of songs that he can play.

You must use a pile of towels to get his left or right hand in the good position.  Only the upper keys are used 

(for finger settings study http://www.mybreathmymusic.com/video   students & WX5 Marleen)

If you study the different photo's on mybreathmymusic.com you'll notice that every student has his own way of getting access to the instrument. It's trying and trying but I always managed to get it done and make the instrument playable for all.

The microphone stand must be between Jacob's feet.

There is one other option. My student Jessy has also  Duchenne . He is 18 and he plays the Magic Flute. This brand new wind controller is played with head movement. I designed this instrument with David (New York)  and Brian (Ireland). 

                                                      Use some towels to get access to the (upper) keys of the WX5.


If Jacob had his try-out with Dave it could be he finds out that playing the wind controller is not his thing, if so we respect that!............ UPDATE  Jacob had his Trial. Dave Ellen made it happen and Jacob liked it very much. Jacob will get a sponsored instrument soon!