Arm support     

 How to make an arm support.                                My Breath My Music                       Step by step guide  

Our Occupational Therapist Marieke van der Togt, designed an armrest for Marlon.  The first goal was to let  Marlon eat his own sandwich again. And with success, if Marlon uses a fork he can eat on his own.

But that is not the only benefit, he also can  use the armrest for getting access to the keys of his musical instrument.



This is Recep  and Marieke.  They are going to show us how you can make an arm support. The totall cost of material being used is less then 50  Euro. 


We use  Ezeform Light Splinting Material, a strong, durable, thermoplastic synthetic that provides a resistant stretch with superior draping and conforming qualities. Its excellent rigidity make it ideal for hand, knee, ankle and body splints, and it requires no reinforcement. Both Ezeform and Ezeform Light, a lightweight version of the former, soften in hot water and harden within minutes.  DIMENSIONS:  Ezeform Light comes in 1/8 x 12 x 18 inch sheets only. A577-11

     1. Draw dementions on a piece of paper





2. Cut out the drawwing  and draw that shape on the thermoplastic plate.

 4. To make the thermoplastic material flexible you have to put it in 80°C/ 176°F water



5. Now you can cut the material





                                                              6. Now we need Irma for some extra hands

 7. Bend the thermoplastic to the shape of the arm            8. If nessesry put it back in the hot water


You have to find a place to stick the new armrest to the wheelchair. In Holland the electric wheelchairs have a sort of table plate. It is handy for all sorts of things. In our case it is handy for our newly-made  armrest.