Welcome to the User Simulator Project Workspace

Now Recruiting Participants:

  • Investigators at St. Lawrence University and Minnesota State University, Mankato are looking for 18-85 year old individuals with documented disabilities that affect their fine motor skills to participate in a research study that will help with the design and evaluation of a Motor Impairment User Simulator. The goal of the simulator is to help investigators at improving users’ pointing performance by developing and pre-testing Assistive Technologies. For information on how to participate in this research study, please contact Choong-Soo Lee at (315) 229 5028 or Guarionex Salivia at (507) 389 5311 or via email to clee@stlawu.edu or salivia@mnsu.edu

Project at a Glance:
  • The purpose of this research study is to develop a user simulator to help researchers evaluate and deploy Assistive Technologies to participants with Motor Impairments.
    • Finding participants to test assistive technologies that help with pointing tasks is a challenging process.
    • Participants need to be willing to give their time and effort, they need to conform to certain parameters like age and disability, and they need to be avid computer users to see the benefits of assistive technologies.
    • Before engaging in research tasks that involve actual participants to test an assistive technology, we believe that it would be beneficial to test these technologies in a simulated environment that can model what a user with certain conditions would do.
    • We hope that, in the future, other people might benefit from this study because what we learn about the movement behavior of participants may help us and other researchers develop and test software assistive technologies for people with motor impairments before engaging actual participants in the process.
  • Participants that agree to take part in the study will be recruited for a period of 10 weeks.