This is my website about 9 years of research I completed at the University of the West of England as a research staff member, and all my PhD research also. The subject of this research is a combination of modelling, end user programming, and Semantic Web research applied to problems such as design and manufacture for new products. These techniques are applied to problems that are too complicated for modelling in spreadsheets.

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I'm creating this website both to further my research, and to try out this Google Sites creator. I'm due to complete my PhD in 2009, so intend to publicise the research via this website as well as in publications.
This site is about automated production of models. This is tested with different kinds of models - engineering models and economic models. The objectives are to enable better models to be produced by easing the model creation process, and so enabling wider participation in the model creation process. The approach and methodology for each will be compared and contrasted to test its applicability to either type of modelling. This research involved creating a system to create systems, and so could enable semi-automated construction of models and programs. Automated translation of these models to various computing languages is also implemented. From this the hypothesis is tested  that this research could be used for automation of both kinds of modelling, especially if templates are created for all standardised steps and structures of each model creation process, in order to simplify the modelling process.
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Economic Model visualisations (just started) - - These will be produced automatically from an ontology linked with a modelling tool.



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Research Student Conference Paper UWE (University of the West of England) June 2009, Research Conference Presentation June 2009

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