User Interface Designer: Designer & User

One of the most depressing things about interface design is that it's all been come up with before.

Everybody knew Graffiti like the thing that you use on Palm Pilot. Well that originally like if you go back and look at - like i think it was 1500s. I can't exactly remember, when the Spanish sailors used the shorthand for communicating and it has something like an 85 overlap with Graffiti because they're just doing it really short.
SO, it's like nothing you do is new. But that aside, a lot of stuff that people do is really bad so we can improve it. So just keeps going, right. Because there's already a semantic meaning with scroll down and that's going backwards time, right?

There's already a semantic meaning if you're doing on slash dog going down. That means go backwards through time, right? On Google, it's-the scrolling down means give me things that are less relevant, right? And you never have to stop and ask for more content. So what do we see? We see people looking at more and more things. In fact I think on Google there is like a thing where at the - the number of clicks people get per search results starts out with the first result getting locked and sort of dips down and you get this sort of tailback at the last result, number 10. Just gets rid of it nicely. It just actually flattens everything out. So nobody who tries to get into the system will we get number ten. And actually I spent a while talking to-I'll get to you in one second, talking to the New York Times people to see if we can get something like this on their site. And - because right now, you know, they sort of they're patent the results. So when you're reading an article, you'll get the first page, then the second page and the third page. And the reason why they do this is twofold. One, is because that - is sort of makes the page load smaller. It's not really a good reason since they're putting Flash in there now and lots of other big images.