uSequencer is a powerful and flexible Event based sequencer for Unity Indie and Unity Pro, written entirely in c#. uSequencer is incredibly flexible, and ships with a large selection of Built-In Events. Though uSequencer is fully customisable, allowing users to create their own events, and design the way they look and feel.
uSequencer is built entirely into the editor, you'll see it, utilising the inspector and rendering into it's own window, we will not be adding scripts to your code, and you won't have to add any scripts manually. You can do everything, right through the interface. Easy, Intuitive, Unobtrusive.

The codebase is neat, well defined and easy to read. Code tends to be self documenting, so you as a user can concentrate more on the features of your game, and making your sequence perfect. What this means for you as a user probably varies, depending on your background, if you're a programmer, you'll be pleasantly surprised, working with a nice codebase, where everything is consistant and understandable, if you're more focused on content, this means you'll work with a solid product, and you'll be good to go from the start.

You can read more about how to use uSequencer over in the Manual, or, you can read the Key Features section for more information.