Welcome to U-Sell Daphne
***Now Open***

    U-Sell Daphne is a new car lot on the Eastern Shore. 
U-Sell Daphne will provide a well lit place for you to sell your car, truck, trailer, boat, camper, and RV, that is visible on US Hwy 98.  Bring your own "For Sale" sign and park your vehicle on the lot for a monthly fee.

U-Sell Daphne does not sell your vehicle for you. We only provide a space for you to sell your vehicle.

What you Get
  1. Excellent selling location
  2. Well lit space at night
  3. 24/7 security camera surveillance
  1. $100 for all vehicles


Rom 5:12(KJV)                                                                         Rom 10:9(KJV)    
Wherefore, as by one man                                                      That if thou shalt confess  
sin entered into the world, and death by sin;                          with thy mouth the Lord Jesus,
and so death passed upon all men,                                        and shalt believe in thine heart
for that all have sinned                                                           that God hath raised him from the dead,
                                                                                                thou shalt be saved.