From: VP of Operations
Subject: Welcome

Office of the Vice President

To:          Engineering Intern Team

From:    Vice President of Operations

Subject: Welcome                               


I’m pleased to welcome the new members of the Sustainability Technology group at the Consolidated Pickle Company. During this project, you will be working closely with the plant manager to coordinate your work.   


As engineering interns for the Consolidated Pickle Company, you will be involved in designing, researching, and implementing a new company-wide recycling program. As you know we currently have a recycling program, but are interested in increasing our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint as well as pinpointing areas for improvement.

Recycle-787307.jpgThis project will require you to investigate areas that are relevant to the following objectives:    


  • Recyclable Material Identification
  • Overall Plan Implementation Cost
  • Awareness Preparation Plan
  • Possible Investment Opportunities


In order for you to be credible contributors to this project, your project manager has arranged for you to work with the plant management team who will assist you with the appropriate background information you need.  

About Consolidated Pickle Company

The Consolidated Pickle Company is the largest privately held pickle company in the continental U.S.  The company operates by taking in local grown cucumbers, peppers, and other vegetables and produces finished consumer products such as pickles, peppers, relishes, and pickled vegetable mixes for sale globally.

 "Our business decisions continue to be guided by basic tenets that have served our company well over the years: 1) provide customers with quality products, good value and superior service, 2) earn shareholders a fair return on investment, 3) be a progressive employer and 4) remain a valued corporate citizen." So writes company president John D. Pickleburg to shareholders in the 2008 annual report.

Before your begin

It is imperative to stay in close contact with your project manager.  Be aware that you will not be paid for any time you put into work on the next task before you have received feedback on the previous task.

You will be working in individual projects and in teams throughout your employment with Mount Olive Pickle so take the time to learn how to succeed.

  • Read Working with Tasks to better understand why and how we define and solve problems and tasks.
  • Work your way through the information in Working in Teams to get your team off to a better start.
  • New material is added to the Orientation section as needed so plan to check back regularly.

Your project manager will assign specific Tasks & Assignments for you or your team to complete. Follow the task links on the left to discover the details of the tasks. Be certain to review the Requirements section for each task or subtask before you embark on your solution.

Our R&D librarian has gathered Resources for you to reference as you complete the tasks assigned. If you have suggestions for additional resources, please post them to the Discussion area of your project website.

After you have completed each task, you will review Debrief questions to confirm your learning and understanding of the task.

Welcome aboard!