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The brand Mercedes is known for being among the legendary auto brands serving for the longest time. There are two models of the Mercedes cars the old and the new model. Mercedes parts can be bought either from an online or in auto shop near you. Read on to know some of the important Mercedes parts.

Mercedes ABS Sensors

The Mercedes sensors are used to determine the speed at which the wheel is moving with and the information is sent to ABS controller.

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Mercedes Fuel Pump

This is a very important part since it has a huge function especially in cars that their engines are fed their oil via a hose.

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Mercedes Lambda Sensor

It is also known as the oxygen sensor, which is located at the exhaust system. It is used to measure the amount of oxygen that is in the fuel that is being used by the car. Through this it is easy to determine the amount of harmful gases which are being produced by your car since currently the greenhouse gases is a menace.

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Mercedes Pollen Filter

It requires being changes as frequently as possible so that the interior of your car to be always clean. This is because the Mercedes pollen filter is used to clean the air that goes to the heater fans. 

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Clogging of the heater fans leads to reduce their life span if the pollen filters are not functional. When the pollen filters are in good condition they extend life of the ventilation system.

Mercedes Starter Motor

It is a very powerful part since it provides impulses which leads to turning over of the engine and therefore the engine starts. It is attached to the battery with very large cables. When your Mercedes starter motor is slow you need to replace it.

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Mercedes Turbocharger

This is a supercharger for the engine by compressing the gas which is entering the engine. Through compression there is increase in density of the air which leads to creation of power. The Mercedes turbocharger is located in front of the main engine and it has its own chamber where the compression of gases takes place. One advantage of using the Mercedes turbocharger is that it compresses more air which leads to making fuel combustion quite easy and therefore it’s clean.

Mercedes Wiper Blades

They are very important part of the car since the driver need to have a clear view of the road while driving. Wiper blades are of importance especially during a rainy or snowing season since they help in cleaning the windshield. If you cannot see well while driving then you need a new pair of Mercedes wiper blades.

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