about me

For as long as i can remember, i have been enchanted by trees.  As an only child for 15 years, i spent a great deal of time climbing them and marveling at the magical shapes, colors and textures of trees and wooded lands.  I feel fortunate and grateful to have had the opportunity for these experiences. 
I also spent a great deal of time manipulating and creating with natural materials.  I am sure that my parents must have gritted their teeth as they bolstered my pride smiling and complimenting the creations that sprung from the mess of ground debris, sticks, rocks, shells, nuts, and glue drippings.

I am now blessed, thanks to my mom, dad, and stepmom, with an ample collection of tools and cumulative knowledge of materials gained from years of art classes.  They are probably happy that the creation takes place my sawdust veiled home.
I am grateful for all of the encouragement i receive from them (I know they truly wish i would just be happy focusing on a valid, stable career!), my
little brother, my five children, and my extended family and friends.  
Special thanks also to the treeman and accomplices,  for providing me with more beautiful pieces of trees than i could ever possibly play with!