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Applying for a Forest Service Job


A. How to craft a “machine readable” resume?

With modern technology, computers provide the first round of screening when reading resumes. To make your resume relevant to the computer, incorporate key words mentioned in the job description of the job announcement that you are applying for.

B. To apply for Forest Service jobs, the first step is to create a resume in USAJOBS. Please read through the pdfs posted below to get a better perspective on how create a resume in USAJOBS

Resume Tutorial



C.  Help is available

If you would like one of us to review your resume, we are happy to. Since we all have been a student in the past not too long ago, we have been in the same boat, and someone helped us in the past. We would like to pass the kindness on. Email apaea@fs.fed.us with “Resume review request” as the subject line.


A.  Tutorial for job search

Attachment 3: USAJOBS Instructions

B.  Set search criteria

To keep an eye on the job that you want in certain geographic area, there are search criteria you can set in USAJOBS. The system can send emails to you when a job in your desirable location shows up. Or when a job opens up that matches your criteria, the system will send you an email. To learn more, look under “Advanced Search.”

Search for Pathways

A.  Update current pathway/recent graduate info

Attachment 4: Pathways


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