2012 USC-UCLA Graduate Student Conference in Philosophy

February 18th, 2012 at USC, Mudd Hall of Philosophy

Keynote Speaker: John MacFarlane, UC-Berkeley
Paper: TBD

8:15-9:00am               Breakfast refreshments                                   

9:00-10:10am             Daniel Singer (University of Michigan)

                                  “Why Believe the Truth: A Rationalist                                                   Approach”

                                    Chair: Josh Crabill (USC)

                                    Comments: Greg Antill (UCLA)

10:20-11:30am           Renee Jorgensen (Northern Illinois Univ.)

                                  “A Prosententialist Account of                                                           Vagueness”

                                    Chair: Matt Lutz (USC)

                                    Comments: Gabe Rabin (UCLA)

11:40-12:50pm           Nicholas Smyth (Brown University)

    “Bernard Williams, Ground Projects and                 the Possibility of Rational Agency”

     Chair: TBD

     Comments: Alida Liberman

  12:50-1:50pm            Catered Lunch (in Mudd Hall of Philosophy 102) 

1:50-3:00pm               J. Dmitri Gallow (University of Michigan)

    “How to Learn from Theory-Dependent                 Evidence, or Communicativity and                        Holism: a Solution to Conditionalizers”

                                    Chair: TBD

                                    Comments: Julia Staffel (USC)

3:10-4:20pm               Steven James (Univ. of Texas at Austin)

    De Re Hallucination as Objectual                         Remembering”

                                    Chair: Indrek Reiland (USC)

                                    Comments: Tamar Weber (UCLA)

4:30-6:00pm            Key Note Address: John MacFarlane


There will be an afterparty starting at 8:30pm. Everyone is invited!!


Have questions? Please feel free to send them to uscucla.conference@gmail.com.
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