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Saturday, February 9, 2008 

At the University of Southern California's Mudd Hall of Philosophy (MHP)

Breakfast 9:00-9:30am in 102 MHP

Philosophy Smorgasbord Starts at 9:30am in 106 MHP:

 “Subverting Nonexistence: A Critique of Neo-Meinongianism”
Presenter: Peter Yong, California State University Los Angeles
Commentator: Johannes Schmitt, USC
Chair: Billy Dunaway, USC

“Ramsey, Moore, No God”
Presenter: Malte Willer, The University of Texas at Austin
Commentator: Alexandru Radulescu, UCLA
Chair: Marina Folescu, USC

“On Maximal Rationality”
Presenter: Errol Lord, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Commentator: Eileen Nutting, UCLA
Chair: Stephen White, UCLA

Lunch 1:05-2:00pm in 102 MHP

“Defeating Dualism”
Presenter: Tomas Bogardus, The University of Texas at Austin
Commentator: Brent Kious, UCLA
Chair: Tamar Weber, UCLA

“Understanding Causal Overdetermination”
Presenter: Sara Bernstein, University of Arizona
Commentator: Jonathan Weil, USC
Chair: Lewis Powell, USC

Keynote Speaker: Judith Jarvis Thomson
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
“Turning the Trolley”
4:30-6:00 pm

Reception to follow in 102 MHP