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hPSC techniques course

The USC Stem Cell Core offers a comprehensive 5 day course in human pluripotent stem cell (hPSC) culture techniques.  This course is designed for researchers and post graduate students who are interestined in establishing a hPSC laboratory and transitionaing into the hPSC field.  Covered topics include:
  • Media production (regular growth media and MEF-CM)
  • Matrigel coating
  • hPSC subculture (manual and enzymatic)
  • Culture of ESI serum adapted hESC lines
  • Feeder free hPSC culture (mTeSR1, StemPro and MEF-CM)
  • Techniques for plating dissociated hPSC's
  • EB production (via scraping and centrifugation)
  • Primary MEF isolation
  • Fibroblast culture
  • MEF Feeder layer production
  • Quality control testing hPSC cultures