Boat Crew

An auxiliarist sits at the helm of a boat conducting a patrol on the Potomac.
"One Washington" flotilla's operations consist chiefly of patrols conducted in vessels owned by flotilla members and qualified as "operational facilities." Each patrol is commanded by an Auxiliary-qualified coxswain assisted by at least one Auxiliary-qualified crew member.  Our patrols are conducted under orders from Coast Guard Sector Baltimore which provides insurance and funding. Patrols usually last from four to eight hours. We conduct several different kinds of patrols:

Training patrols are initiated by the flotilla, typically with drills in getting under way, recovering persons overboard, towing disabled vessels astern and alongside, anchoring, and mooring.

Safety patrols promote public safety.  During busy times of recreational boating, particularly on weekends during the summer, our flotilla routinely initiates patrols of stretches of the river.  Shorter patrols covering limited areas, such as the vicinity of fireworks barges, race courses, and waterborne ceremonies, are often requested by local government jurisdictions.

Search-and-rescue patrols are usually called out by the Coast Guard Sector to respond to emergencies on the water.

Homeland Security patrols are requested by the Department through Coast Guard Sector Baltimore, and involve patrolling the river in response to perceived or actual threats to security.