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Marginality and Mattering (1989)

Theorist: Nancy Schlossberg



o   A sense of not fitting in and can lead to self consciousness, irritability and depression. For members of minority groups these feelings can be permanent conditions.

o   Feelings of marginality often occur when individuals take on new roles, especially when they are uncertain about what a new role entails.


Five aspects of Mattering:

  1. Attention- the feeling that one is noticed
  2. Importance-the belief that one is cared about
  3. Ego Extension- the feeling that someone else will be proud of what one does or will sympathize with ones failure.
  4. Dependence- the feeling of feeling needed.
  5. Appreciation- the feeling that ones efforts are appreciated by others.


Student Characteristics

  • Clash of institutional and student characteristics causes feelings of alienation and disconnection
  • Requires additional support
  • Question ability, self-worth, and feeling inferior


Environmental Characteristics

  • Homogenous
  • Unaware of minority experiences
  • Assume minorities would conform
  • Appear to reject students of color
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