Suvrajeet Sen, PhD
Research Interests: Modeling with optimization technologies; applications (infrastructure systems: electric power and markets, telecommunications networks, traffic and transportation)


Junyi Liu
Research Interests: Stochastic optimization; machine learning; time-series analysis

Yunxiao Deng
Research Interests: Stochastic linear programming; machine learning; stochastic decomposition algorithms.

Semih Atakan
Research Interests: Stochastic, integer, and convex programming; statistical/machine learning and prediction; risk measures; applications

Former Members

Yifan Liu, PhD
Current Position: Research scientist, 84.51 - updated: 03/25/16
Research Interests: Stochastic optimization, particularly decomposition algorithms and numerical methods for solving two-stage stochastic linear programs; applications in operations and management problems


Harsha Gangammanavar, PhD
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, Industrial Engineering, Clemson University - updated: 03/24/16
Research Interests: Multistage stochastic programming; sequential-sampling methods; statistical learning; power systems applications