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Proxxon MF70 Cnc Conversion Kit for NEMA23

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Proxxon MF70 Cnc Conversion Kit for NEMA17

usbresource make software and adapter boards for CNC (milling machine , Lath, Plasma and laser engraver and cutter,  3D printer).

Plugin for ARTISOFT Mach3 (mach3usb.dll) :

- Compatible with all cards (8 bit and 32 bit)
- All normal functionality of Mach3 (GCode , Jog , Homing , limits , speed control , Pause/Run/Stop)
- choice of USB or Ethernet connection as convenient
- Run Mach3 in any machine 32 bit and 64 bit from XP to Windows 8

Complete CNC application (USBCNC) :

USBCNC is a " clone " of another brand (UCCNC/UC100 ). It work with all cards of usbresource 8/32bit , USB and Ethernet. 

USB and Ethernet CNC Controller cards (compatible with Mach3 plugin and USBCNC) :
-USB V2.1 4 axis 125Khz
-USB MZ 6 axis 125Khz
-Ethernet/USB combi 6 axis 125Khz
-8 bit USB cards (<20eur ) 6 axis 35Khz

32 bit USB adapter (V2.1)
125 Kstep/s 4 Axis  1 PWM channel , 1 index input, I2C peripheral, processor PIC32MX450/430/470 100MIPS Firmware. Fractionnal step interpolation. Precise homing / probe directly in card.

32 bit adapter

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product not availble

32 bit USB adapter with performance processor (PIC32MZ1024)
6 axis . silicon oscillator. switch power supply. Large memory  Embedded motion planner.

not currently available

Ethernet and USB Combi  CNC controller V2 6 axis 125 Kstep/s Latest Microchip MZ1024ECG  2.5X faster and 4X more RAM. Embedded motion planner.

Free postage !
not available

Case for USB card (fit 32bit and 8 bit single port card)
03/12/2015:Stock >40

USB box : out of stock

Dual port 8 bit adapter 6 axis 35000 step/s 
plug and play (no USB driver to install)

NOT available

IO extension (second port for all 32 bit card with ICSP header)
(Also provide 5.0V output )

IO Extension : Second parallel port for all 32 bit cards with ICSP header (need >=V4 firmware)
(Also provide 5.0V output )

Parallel tester :

LPT tester. 12 led +5 push-button  to test or visualize parallel DB25 signals
led color : yellow or red or green as choice with DB25M connector

Break out board with 150mA / pin and 30V capacity (can command realy, coil and motor optocuplers)
include control led on all input and output.

PWM 5V to 0-10V analog
include power led and PWM led

Relay board (4x relay)
4x 5V relay (12V or 24V available option. Specify when buying)

parallel cable (1m)

Mach3 : (Download GCode file )

YouTube Video

Box for Combi USB/Ethernet card (printed plastic)
print 2 halves + use 4x self tapping screw

USBCNC CNC application for Windows

Windows driver (for 32 bit USB adapter)

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Recent changes :
uploaded recent firmwares and softwares on the web site Firmware download and Downloads
Note : usb  driver (winusb.inf) is not changed
New combi card V2 (USB/Ethernet) with firmware button (A:base firmware B:latest) and added input pull-up resistors.
Release firmware V6 , Instant feedback of GCode line, position and feed , even with large USB buffer. Added MX470 USB card with 128KB buffer (128KB=8s trajectory buffer)
Added bitmap scan facility for laser engraver cards(menu system/laser scan)
Added USB joystick support
Added administration tools to USBCNC (system menu)
Finished firmware V5 with embedded motion planner and compatibility mode. The new card is 100% compatible with previous release.
-Added PWM spindle rpm functionality (Srpm)
-Added axis calibration dialog box
-Added line number in GCode window
-Improved user interface rendering and cursor shape color
-Added product video
-Corrected a problem with motion planner (adv points and curve acceleration)
-Corrected a problem with G2/G3 (again..)
-added deceleration on cycle stop [StopWithDecel() ]
-added cycle preparation dialog box
-Corrected a problem with toolpath on G2/G3
-Added M6 option configuration (Ignore / Stop / Run macro)
-added slave axis functionality
-added number format (Position DROs digits ) functionality
-added charge pump pin functionality
-added dwell function on G4/Mist/flood/spindle
-checked z probe and tool change macros M31/M6
-corrected a problem with macro. checked macros P1/P2/P3/Goto0
-added diagnostic job properties (job size , filename, job boundaries)
-done some cutting tests on machine
-corrected a problem with Mach3 XML import (speeds are in unit/s in xml)
-added Comm./trajectory buffer size configuration functionality
-added hardware limit and Estop functionality, and limit override
-added feed override (0-300%) and actual feed display
-improved GCode run/step/stop, rewind and RunFromHere
-added support for transparency layer
-added Mach3 XML profile converter (now import more than 300 properties of Mach3)
-Improved 3D toolpath viewer
-added TCP toolpath color
-added all standard 3D isometric and plane view
-added variable and functions support
-improved G2/G3 commands
-improved M98/M99 subroutine management
-improved profile/macro management and sceenset loading
-added JScript support for M macro (coolant/spindle/probe/park/GotoZero)
-added GCode Cycle start / Single line / Cycle stop
-added F / S / G90 / G91 / M3 / M5 modal commands
-added variables and subroutines
-added new GCode interpreter compatible with UC100
-added 3d viewer (partial)
-added grabkey function(Hotkeys)
-added jog mode(step/continuous) and jog speed override
-added homing (homeAxis/homeSequence/home speed/axis backlash)
4/5/2015 :
-added G54-G59 offset working buttons and DRO
-added profile creation buttons functions
-added zero all and zero axis button functions
-added edit gcode file button function
-added offset/machine coordinate button function
-added motor pin and mist/flood functionality
-corrected a problem with jog layer panel
-corrected a problem with color picker control
-added 'Default' profile with useful values
2/5/2015 :
-added connection to USB and Ethernet adapters
-added speed and accelerations
-added profile and parameters
-added motor pins
4/25/2015 : started USBCNC project. Software clone of UC100 with standardized color interface
4/21/2015 : Improved zoom functionality for bitmap engraving in Numeridrive2013
4/7/2015 : Added FAQ page with DB25F pinout and cabling infos
3/31/2015 : Added second parallel port functionality for all cards with ICSP header
3/30/2015 : Added I2C peripheral bus functionality
3/20/2015 : Added Mach3 test file and video
3/20/2015 : Added tool/GCode  menu in Numeridrive2013 (convert variable/loop GCode to flat GCode for Mach3)
2/21/2015 : Numeridrive2013 now open source (
2/9/2015 :  Added  modifiable trajectory buffer size (Mach3 plugin and Numeridrive)
2/1/2015 : New cnc application Numeridrive-2013 with better interface (multiple attached or floating  windows ,  menu and toolbar popup)
1/26/2015 : Added adapter support for estop and limit switch
1/25/2015 : Added adapter support for soft limits and soft zone
1/25/2015 : Added home back-off parameter in Mach3 plugin (for homing with single switch)
1/15/2015 : Added firmware update tool (Mach3 plugin online guide). for Ethernet and usb products
1/11/2015 : Added network adapter update tool in Mach3 plugin (mach3 plugin guide)
1/11/2015 : Added configuration via UDP and auto reboot (Ethernet manual)
1/4/2015 : added modifiable auto-off timer (in Mach3 config plugin and in Numeridrive timer setting)
1/4/2015 : added interactive speed control with keyboard or joystick  (numeridrive sec.36)
1/4/2015 : added instantaneous pause / continue button  (numeridrive sec.36)
12/30/2014 : added index pulse functionality in Mach3 plugin and manual
12/27/2014 : added index pulse sync  (for Lath) , (detail in Numeridrive manual sec.34)
12/20/2014 : mach3 plugin : added hardware signal probe when homing (require latest 32bit firmware)
12/20/2014 : mach3 plugin : added auto zero when homing (all 8bit and 32bit cards)
12/12/2014 : added GCode variable and program flow control in Numeridrive application
12/7/2014 : Added hardware probe in card firmware and Home function in Numeridrive (sec.32)
11/29/2014 : Added interactive GCode support Run/Step/Pause (Numeridrive guide sec.31)
11/11/2014 : Added Joystick support in numeridrive (Numeridrive guide sec.30)
11/10/2014 : Added PWM support in Mach3 plugin and manual
11/6/2014 : Corrected a problem with graphic interface in Numeridrive
11/4/2014 : Added support in SDK and Numeridrive for new USB/Ethernet MZ card
11/4/2014 : Corrected a problem with PWM
10/2/2014 : Added automatic network detection (Numeridrive)
9/30/2014 : Added Ethernet adapter support in Mach3 plugin and Numeridrive
9/25/2014 : Software emulation microstep (Mach3 plugin online guide)
9/23/2014 : documentation image in GCode (Numeridrive online guide)
9/23/2014 : documentation command pipe (Numeridrive online guide)
9/23/2014 : documentation constraint axis (Numeridrive online guide)
9/15/2014 : system data buffer / PROGRAM STOP / PROGRAM PAUSE 
9/15/2014 : system application exit
9/13/2014 : system keyboard jog

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