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Volunteer Information

The US Bodgers Ball and Greenwood Festival is 100% volunteer driven.  If you are able to help make the event a success please do so. Here are some opportunities (although you may also have other ideas on how to help that we haven’t thought of--if yes, let us know):

Donations/Financial Support (*Please note, we do not have 501.c3 non-profit status so donations are not tax-deductible.)

  • Help us get a donation of a green maple log or pieces of a log that are at least 24 inches long 
  • Make a personal financial donation
  • Make a business financial donation in the form of a sponsorship 
  • Help us locate sponsors and other contributors

Be an Advisor

    • Offer suggestions & ideas from your experience with event planning and implementation
    • Complete and turn in your event evaluation before you leave the UU Bodger Ball and Greenwood Festival 


  • Share Facebook and Instagram postings with your friends
  • Print copies of flyers from Facebook and Instagram and post them in places that others who may be interested will see.  
  • Contact us to send you multiples of flyers
  • Tell others about the event at your woodworkers and crafters meetings

Event Logistics--sign up for a 2 hour time slot to help with:

    •  Set up
    •  Registration
    •  Information
    • Judge Competitions
    •  T-shirt & Merchandise Sales
    •  Clean up

Demos at Event

If you’d like to inspire others or share a skill or technique that you’ve found helpful, demonstrations and presentations are welcome.  Please talk to one of the US Bodger Ball and Green Wood Festival committee members (identified by their green neckerchiefs) to get on the schedule.  

If you’re able to volunteer, please contact us here.