2020 US Bodgers Ball and Green Wood Festival --Cancelled due to Covid19

We are disappointed to announce cancellation of the 2020 US Bodgers Ball and Green Wood Festival due to Covid19.  Like so many other woodworking and other gatherings that have been cancelled, much time, energy and resources have gone into the planning of our event including development of our webpage, securing numerous sponsors, organizing two pre-event classes, and national advertising.  But, even if Wisconsin’s ban on group events is lifted in the coming weeks, we feel it prudent to postpone our event for a year.  The 2021 US Bodgers Ball & Green Wood Festival will be June 25-27 in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.  


To continue the momentum that has built over the past few months, we invite you to join us in continuing that energy by posting photos of your projects, videos of woodworking techniques, comments, and/or wood questions during the next year.  Just join our Facebook group or go directly to our Facebook page  US Bodgers Ball & Green Wood Festival to be part of the community!  As you see each other’s posts, please respond and give your positive comments and suggestions.  That way, we will stay “connected while apart.”   Each time you make a post, your name will be put into a drawing at the 2021 US Bodgers Ball and Green Wood Festival (If the winner is unable to attend, the prize will be mailed to you.)


So, until we see each other in 2021, the USBBGWF committee wishes you safety, health, and lots of woodworking in the coming year! 

Join Us!

For the 2020 US Bodgers Ball & Green Wood Festival June 26-28 in “The Troll Capital of the World”,  Mount Horeb, Wisconsin! Woodworking artists of all levels will be at the event working on their projects, sharing ideas, learning from each other, renewing friendships, and building new relationships with other passionate woodworkers. This family-friendly event is open to all interested woodworkers. Spectators from the surrounding communities are invited to check out the event and purchase items from the artists.  

During the week before the Bodgers Ball and Greenwood Festival, Don Weber, Master Chair Maker, will be teaching a 5-day class where participants will build either a Welsh chair or Carmarthenshire chair to take home, and Jarrod Dahl will be teaching a 2-day Spoon Carving Master Class.  


The US Bodgers Ball and Green Wood Festival brings together chair-makers and other craftspeople who make spoons, bowls, cups, and other items. Through workshops, demonstrations, and informal sharing participants will increase their understanding and expertise in green woodworking with hand tools.  They will develop an appreciation for this tradition of old and recognize the value of handwork. This event will also be a learning experience for the public who can learn about the history and skills used in bodgering and other types of green woodworking. All will find enjoyment in getting back to nature and using simple tools to create beautiful objects.


After enjoying the fun and learning experiences at several of the annual Bodgers Balls that take place in the United Kingdom each spring, Steve First pitched the idea of organizing a similar event in the U.S.  The first US Bodgers Ball was took place in partnership with the Driftless Folk School in La Farge, WI. About 50 people attended.

2020 US Bodgers Ball and Green Wood Festival

Dates for this year's festival are June 26-28. Additional classes are scheduled for the days prior to the festival. Check them out here.


US Bodgers Ball and Green Wood Festival volunteer steering committee members are: Steve First, Joy First, Carol May, Mitch Vesaas, and Walt Crawford.

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